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Added: 02-14-2010
Votes: 181
It's the final part of an exciting role-playing game,\"Fire Emblem: Purification\". The desire to beat the devil at any cost has forced the heroes to change the rules of the game. Nobody expected that old friendship will be interrupted by the worst kind of new hostility.
Views: 86 745
Popularity: 24 372
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Added: 02-12-2010
Votes: 183
A good Chinese RPG with great gameplay and decent graphics. Contains all the features of this genre, such as magic, pimping of the hero, exciting missions that are full of dangers, etc. The war between the Elves and the Orcs can not finish in any way. This time, the Orcs want to conquer the whole world..
Views: 185 891
Popularity: 39 341
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Added: 02-10-2010
Votes: 160
Here is an exciting role-playing game with bright elements of strategy, where you have to take the side of the princess named Yamuna and her companions in the struggle for freedom and kingdom. Compete against the wild Gothic tribes and Domestos, the usurper, who seized power in the country by a fraud way.
Views: 106 819
Popularity: 27 336
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Added: 02-08-2010
Votes: 62
Tanchiki Pro is a sequel of Tanchiki. Those, who have not yet played, it will be a pleasure for them to pass two games - one by one. In the new super-game there is the same brave Tanchik, and there are enemy tanks, and the battle takes place at absolutely new 30 levels with more colorful graphics: clouds, palm trees, spectacular explosions, traces of the tracks. New types of cars and tanks (tank-allies, tanks-kamikaze, tanks - bosses),penetrating pimping of a tanchik at online levels, and ... oh my,triggers are Added . This is terribly nice and really hot! And for the owners of touch-screen phones there appeared new keys in the game! Pleasant moments in Tanchiki sequel:
  • 30 levels + plenty of on-line levels;
  • colorful graphics: clouds, palm trees, spectacular explosions, traces of the tracks;
  • penetrating pimping of the tank at on-line levels;
  • new faces: tanks-allies, tanks-kamikaze;
  • triggers have appeared;
  • touch-screen phones support the game.
Views: 2 269 078
Popularity: 812 636
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Added: 02-03-2010
Votes: 215
An exciting adventurous RPG with a main character named Anito. You will control a brave warrior, wandering through the woods in search of enemies and destroy them as soon as possible.
Views: 156 148
Popularity: 32 054
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Added: 01-26-2010
Votes: 268
A fascinating story of this interesting RPG will let you enjoy plenty of new adventures of the brave heroes of might and magic!
Views: 146 946
Popularity: 38 827
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Added: 11-22-2009
Votes: 305
A drunken Sword is a unique weapon, a gift to the Yellow Emperor from Kunlun, the master, who died with the secret of its production. In the midst of war with the Black neighbor the legendary sword blunted and was lost. Many years have passed. The world emerged from the chaos and mired in it again. The old conflicts brought new troubles. To restore peace, the people will need a Drunken Sword again...
Views: 237 537
Popularity: 58 773
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Added: 11-18-2009
Votes: 416
We thought that only we like games about car stealing and sorting things out. Nothing of the kind. The Chinese are also delighted with them and issued a fascinating game,the name of which is in three words: Gang, Threat Ardor, the first letters of which resemble well-known GTA very much. And here we have a fake, but it seems to be of the high quality. The graphic design is not bad. The game provides you with an impressive amount of possibilities, as well as a great soundtrack. But the most pleasant thing is the old criminal environment saturated with criminal car stealing and showdowns in the streets, as in "Great hijackers".
Views: 459 987
Popularity: 66 972
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Added: 10-21-2009
Votes: 624
The game combines action and RPG genres with an extensive system of combat skills, game items, locations in the Russian style and lots of enemies and bosses. The player will have to bring Ivan through the light and dark woods, Baba Yaga's possessions, residence of Stone Princess and Grey Wasteland; to perform the task of Koshchei, Landlord, the 34th warrior, and of other characters, as well as fight with the satyrs, poisonous spiders, wolves, the Ardars, and, of course, with Stone Princess. Several types of magical abilities that players will be able to develop during their adventure, will open as far as the game progresses. The characteristic feature of the game is the function of purchasing of additional resources with the help of the integrated in-game payments. Book of Masters game features:
  • In-game payments made by SMS
  • 16 unique locations, each determining its own task;
  • 5 types of weapons (clubs, swords, maces);
  • 7 types of spells (attacking, defensive), but also 1 kind of secret spells available to the players, who have found the clue to the computer game "Book of Masters";
  • 30 levels of the character development with a possibility of a free distribution of "experience points" between its main characteristics;
  • 8 types of enemies and 3 bosses;
  • Non-linear storyline;
  • Integrated mini-game;
  • Online ranking of the best players.
Views: 514 262
Popularity: 179 092
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Added: 10-15-2009
Updated superhit Bunker 3D: The Hitler's Plan is a first person shooter, the first part of the trilogy ... Fundamentally new and the most realistic first-person war, where the player truly feels like a battle participant, thanks to the fiercest fights with fascists, qualitative 3D graphics and dynamic soundtrack. It's 1945, Berlin, Germany. You are a Russian officer, who secretly penetrated the hidden underground Bunker of Hitler! His last hope to gain the world domination is a nuclear weapon, the test of which is coming to the end. Your mission is to find and disarm the bomb. To complete your mission successfully you will have to fight a bloody war in the blocks of the Bunker, having two TT-33 pistols, teeth-smashing Schmeisser and destructive six-gun MG-69 in your arsenal. In the new version of the game there were added: weapons, levels and enemies that will uniquely make this mega-popular shooter more realistic. New controls and speed optimization guarantee you an adrenaline charge, creating super dynamics of the game. Now you really feel like a battle participant due to the fiercest fights with fascists, high-quality 3D graphics and dynamic soundtrack. Go ahead! The victory is close!
Views: 909 180
Popularity: 279 524
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