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Castle 3D
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Game description:
Stalin personally gave you the order; in 24 hours you are to get into the Castle at any price and fake Hitler’s suicide. You are a colonel of Soviet foreign intelligence and clearly understand that this "punitive operation" could be your last mission, but you are ready to fulfill your duty to the motherland and the Party without hesitation or delay. Ominous Castle is guarded by the most experienced and pitiless fighters of SS riot, craving for unleashing their incinerating wrath on anyone who dares to set a foot on their territory. But your impressive arsenal will shed a dense shower of lead on the enemy. You will be armed with the most fatal weapon, which will make your enemies draw back step after another. Fury against will for victory… tyranny against courage… You are to fight with the genetic creation of German scientists – superman and supersoldier. The Faith of motherland and of mankind is in your arms!!! Castle 3D game features:
  • amazing dynamics of the game;
  • producible 3D engine of the game, allowing maximum use of technical functionality of a particular model of phone;
  • exciting and unpredictable plot;
  • the most detailed graphics;
  • 12 "atmospheric" and colorful levels;
  • in the game you will find a reel - a personal meeting with comrade Stalin;
  • author's thematic soundtrack for every level;
  • positive emotions of the gameplay are guaranteed.

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    Genres:RPG, Action
    Game description:
    Take control of your "Commandos", to carry out missions of infiltration and sabotage in France, Germany, Norway and North Africa. Fully use skills of a Green Beret, a spy, a sniper for gaining your aims in this mobile version of Commandos game.

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    Mission R.I.P.
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    Genres:RPG, Action
    Game description:
    They are advancing… They are everywhere! There is more and more of them…They are coming out from the graves, rising from the hell, prowling from your nightmares…They have an ominous darkness in their eye sockets, their bodies are eaten by worms, their aim is to kill everyone, whom they meet on their way. They are afraid of nothing, as they are the Fear themselves. Run as fast as your legs can carry you! Hurry up to hide, if only you will find the place to hide. Or… try to fight with them! Are you a tough guy? Or you may be a first-rate-lady? And what about weapons? Have you ever had it in hand? Here we have a nice gun, so don’t hesitate to get down to business, if you have enough courage, of course! But you have to be on the alert! Some monsters attack from above, that is why, for God’s sake, at least sometimes look up at the sky. So, how is the mood? Are you ready? Go ahead then! Be a hero – go and do those creatures in! All of them! Mission R.I.P. game features:
  • Humorous and sarcastic animation of the main hero and the monsters
  • 6 exciting levels, 2 types of difficulty - for beginners and advanced players
  • Fascinating story and a variety of missions for each level
  • Vivid music
  • On-line ratings and system of bonuses

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    Orcs & Elves
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    Game description:
    Explore an ancient citadel DiVorven, full with legendary animals and treasures. You will own flaming swords, deadly crossbows and other mystical weapons. Use you wit to solve lots of puzzles and overcome deadly traps. Take with you magic potions, enchanted rings, armor of dragon and magic wand that can talk. Orcs and elves will surround you; you will have to learn the secret of their magic. One more argument for this game - it is from developers of a famous Doom! Orcs & Elves game features:
  • An original story: explore gigantic Citadel DiVorven with the help of your talking magic wand to capture an evil witch and her army;
  • Crossed gameplay: first-person game and RPG;
  • Epic Odyssey: explore the habitat of Dragon and mysterious catacombs;
  • A set of cunning methods: 11 mystic weapons, including swords, crossbows and magical items;
  • Legendary characters: dark elves and so called undead;
  • A possibility to save the game: the world you played in is saved and you may begin playing from the same point;
  • More than 5 hours of absorbing playing.

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    Shadows of Egypt 3D
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    Genres:RPG, Action
    Game description:
    As part of a group of Grave robbers, you find a unexplored system of secret tunnels in Egypt. After the unexpected attack to your group all the exits were buried... It seems that now you are to fight not only for ancient treasures, but also for your life. Shadows of Egypt 3D game features:
  • 17 full-fledged 3D levels;
  • 2 MEGA Bosses (+ bloodthirsty army of monsters and aliens);
  • 6 types of weapons: Colt Walker (44 caliber), MP-40 "Schmeisser", Mosin rifle, AK-47, Plasma Gun, Sword of Osiris;
  • Full 3D (even on telephones, that do not have support of 3D);
  • Graphics of high-quality and unparalleled animation;
  • mysterious and absorbing scenario;
  • music and accompanying sound (realistic shots of weapon);
  • the game is made in Russian.

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    G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra
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    Genres:RPG, Strategy
    Game description:
    The game possesses an exclusive plot based on movie of the same name from Paramount Pictures company, what allows the players to perceive all the interesting moments of the film. The player has to complete 16 levels, 4 of which are closed. Each character of the game possesses unique skills and weapons. An intensive mode also adds adrenaline to the game. It possesses the two players to group together easily to win in a classic struggle between the evil and the good!

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    Elven Chronicles
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    Game description:
    A young knight and attractive elf travel across abandoned kingdoms seeking the salvation for all the world. His sword is heavy and sharp and her spells are just striking. Meet epic role game with astounding graphics and huge number of monsters, weapons and levels. The aim of the game: Pass all the kingdoms and find the key to salvation of the world. During the journey the main characters got trained, improve their skills, and find new weapons. Graphics is just striking, standing together with two-dimensional RPG from SuperNintendo TV game devices. While playing you may find weapons, armor and objects. Their variations are almost infinite. The world is just huge and you can spend hours wandering across it. Even if you play without a break for lunch, sleep and physical needs you will need more than 20 hours to complete the game. If take only enemies- the game has more than 100 variants of them! Elven Chronicles game features:
  • Specific RPG interface;
  • Captivating fights;
  • Intricate and interesting plot, with well-thought details;
  • A huge number of weapons, armor and accessories;
  • More than 100 kinds of enemies;
  • Charming music;
  • Excellent graphics;
  • Staggering visual effects;
  • More than 20 hours of gameplay.

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    Heroes of Might and Magic 3
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    Genres:RPG, Strategy
    Game description:
    A great game with beautiful graphics and nice battles. Travel corresponding with a map, fulfill tasks, destroy your enemies, improve yourself and buy various helpful objects. You may create buildings; engage an army and a make a lot of other things!

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    Doom RPG mobile
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    Features:3D, Shooter
    Game description:

    Doom RPG is a turn-based role-playing game in the universe of playing serial DOOM. You put on a paratrooper uniform again and land to Mars to kick asses (or other things they have) of alien creatures! What are you waiting for? Get weaving!
    The gameplay is designed for not less than 8 hour playing. Unlike its relations – shooters Doom 1, 2 and 3– mobile Doom RPG is going to present us a coherent story with a mass of characters and interactive environments.
    The more the gamer fights (or fulfills the tasks), the more skillful he becomes, and consequently his strength and health will improve. On the levels one can collect and earn credit cards of UAC Corporation. And then change them for ammunition, medical kits and other nice things. Press 3666, and let the happiness be with you…

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    The Dark Dimension
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    Game description:
    You have an astounding remake of a classic RPG of 1989! A strange crystal has moved you to a gigantic world named "The Dark Dimension". More than 10 hours of play are waiting for you, hundreds of non-player characters, numerous dungeons, hordes of monsters and wonderful exciting plot – you have never seen something like that on mobile phones! Real heroes do not have fear! You have a goal, a right sword and unwavering determination to bear away from this unforgettable adventure. -3 ->

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