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Castlevania: Reincarnation
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Genres:RPG, Action
Game description:
A continuation of game series about the vampire and zombie killer: Castlevania: Reincarnation. As before hordes of zombies, vampires and ghosts will not let you get bored during the whole game. Castlevania: Reincarnation game features:
  • A great story
  • Stunning graphics
  • Arcade dynamic gameplay
  • "Upgrading" of the character
  • Mighty magic and powerful weapons In general, an amazing absorbing RPG! Files in Russian are added!

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    Ancient Empires 3
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    Genres:RPG, Strategy
    Game description:
    A continuation of a cult strategy Ancient Empires, based on the motives of ancient legends and myths. Prepare your troops for a battle! The continuation of a famous Ancient Empires is waiting for you. Stop the deadly dragons, cruel archers and fierce wolves. Protect your kingdom! The fait of Thorin is in your hands! The gameplay will please all the lovers of turn-based strategy! Unbelievable trials that fell to lot of kingdom Thorin’s rulers, brothers Galamar and Waladorn will not leave the game lovers indifferent. "And the Earth will tremble, and the Heavens will cry for Him, Him who will destroy the destroyer, for Him, who will take the taker. And a new era comes, the era, free from evil and darkness." Become the participants and witnesses of the last prediction of Crystals.

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    China Warrior
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    Genres:RPG, Action
    Game description:
    You are a China warrior and you have to fight with all his enemies and protect you country! The game China Warrior features:
  • Excellently drawn graphics
  • A character upgrading
  • Lots of weapons
  • A great number of interesting enemies and bosses Everything in the best traditions of Chinese stories!

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    Vampires Dawn: Deceit of Heretics
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    Genres:RPG, Strategy
    Game description:

    Vampires Dawn: Deceit of Hereticsis a story about vampire Vince, who fights against crusade of people. He has aliens: skeletons and a young girl-vampire. Clergymen try to eliminate vampires. The war between them has already started…In this game you will meet:

    • More than 10 hours of gameplay
    • Lots of black humour
    • More than 125 maps
    • And oceans of blood....!!!

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    Might and Magic 0
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    Game description:

    A new version of Might and Magic! Save the world of Lordaedron kingdom from an awful evil that came from another dimension!

    • Choose a character: Warrior, Archer, or Mage.
    • Explore wastelands and mountains, coasts and caves inhabited by countless hordes of monsters.
    • Get rare weapons.
    • Upgrade your weapons with the help of recipes.
    • Upgrade your character!
    • Open the magic skills of your character. 

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    Genres:RPG, Strategy
    Game description:
    The game takes place in a fictional world Nevendaar. At the beginning of the game the player chooses a class of a ruler: Alderman, Warlord or Archmage. Each ruler has his bonuses, defining the style of the game. \"Disciples\" game process includes two components: a capital improvement that gives access to new troops and abilities, as well as the study of magic spells, used on the strategic map; and use the heroes in the lead of small detachments to conduct reconnaissance, making attacks and seizure of lands and resources.

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    The Spiderwick Chronicles
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    Game description:

    Explore the Spiderwick universe in the new mobile game. Reveal the fantastic truth of Spiderwick and creatures that inhabit it. Your abilities will be of great importance in this magic and mysterious world!


    The Spiderwick Chronicles game features:

    • control 5 various characters, each possessing his unique abilities.
    • besides you will be able to play as some amazing creatures: Hogsqueal and Thimbletack.
    • be careful! Your journey will be full of various dangers as you fight against evil goblins.

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    Terminator. Salvation
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    Genres:RPG, Action
    Game description:

    The year of Redemption 2018. John Connor— is a man whose destiny — is to lead the Resistance to an electronic brain Skynet and Terminator army. But into the future, with faith in which he was brought up, wedges a mysterious stranger - Marcus Wright, whose last recollections depict a death cell. Connor has to realize who is Marcus— the envoy of the future or a rescued one from the past. And while Skynet prepares a decisive blow Connor and Wright set off for a journey, that leads them to the very core of the rebelled operation system, where a terrible secret that lies hidden behind the possible annihilation of mankind is revealed.


    Terminator: Salvation game features:

    • Unprecedented third-person shooter for mobile consoles;
    • Various missions and gameplay intertwine with a battle and driving of trucks and futuristic vehicles;
    • Hack and drive futuristic vehicles: Moto-Terminators, flying killers and trucks;
    • Bypass Skynet security by cracking computers in two mini-games;
    • Play for John Connor and Marcus Wright, each has its own strength and skills;
    • 9 exciting levels of action and shooters in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles.

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    The Legend of Eldor
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    Game description:
    This is the world, where people and various rational and not very rational creatures live side by side. Some creature help people to live and some of them are very hostile and ready to attack any person beside. But people do not live peacefully with each other either. Initially humans did not have different races. But the dark times came and people split. Those who remained living to the north of The Great Sea began calling themselves Northerners. And those who remained to the south of the Great Sea began to call themselves Southerners. And they began quarrelling about the Gods to worship. And they stopped communicating peacefully. And they began being at war with each other. They created a great Arena in Surean Mountains, where they began fighting to find out whose Gods are more powerful. But there existed Ancient Wisdom Keepers who did not let the hatred to grow into a fratricidal war. And these guardians sent the people to fight the Dark forces that have stupefied people and made them fight brother against brother.

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    Wolfenstein RPG
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    Genres:RPG, Action
    Game description:
    Save the world in Wolfenstein RPG! Walk in combat boots of sergeant Blatskovitch, a prisoner of the ruthless Axis Army. Tens of enemies knowing no mercy and a good arsenal for taking “negotiations” with them are waiting for you! Come into a mysterious 3D world of Wolfenstein RPG if you dare. Wolfenstein RPG game features:
  • Use all your skills to survive during 9 unique levels;
  • Fight 32 types of enemies, including super soldiers, elite guards and zombies;
  • Arsenal, including 17 kinds of usual and paranormal weapon;
  • Find secrets, treasures, and other hidden objects;
  • Get medals or experience points for a well done job;
  • Read books; they will help you to improve your skills;
  • Check your skills in 2 mini-games: "War" и "Kick the Chicken".

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