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Added: 07-28-2009
Votes: 442
Explore an ancient citadel DiVorven, full with legendary animals and treasures. You will own flaming swords, deadly crossbows and other mystical weapons. Use you wit to solve lots of puzzles and overcome deadly traps. Take with you magic potions, enchanted rings, armor of dragon and magic wand that can talk. Orcs and elves will surround you; you will have to learn the secret of their magic. One more argument for this game - it is from developers of a famous Doom! Orcs & Elves game features:
  • An original story: explore gigantic Citadel DiVorven with the help of your talking magic wand to capture an evil witch and her army;
  • Crossed gameplay: first-person game and RPG;
  • Epic Odyssey: explore the habitat of Dragon and mysterious catacombs;
  • A set of cunning methods: 11 mystic weapons, including swords, crossbows and magical items;
  • Legendary characters: dark elves and so called undead;
  • A possibility to save the game: the world you played in is saved and you may begin playing from the same point;
  • More than 5 hours of absorbing playing.
  • Views: 254 227
    Popularity: 66 469
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    Added: 07-23-2009
    Votes: 896
    The game possesses an exclusive plot based on movie of the same name from Paramount Pictures company, what allows the players to perceive all the interesting moments of the film. The player has to complete 16 levels, 4 of which are closed. Each character of the game possesses unique skills and weapons. An intensive mode also adds adrenaline to the game. It possesses the two players to group together easily to win in a classic struggle between the evil and the good!
    Views: 484 262
    Popularity: 133 771
    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
    Added: 07-22-2009
    Votes: 477
    A young knight and attractive elf travel across abandoned kingdoms seeking the salvation for all the world. His sword is heavy and sharp and her spells are just striking. Meet epic role game with astounding graphics and huge number of monsters, weapons and levels. The aim of the game: Pass all the kingdoms and find the key to salvation of the world. During the journey the main characters got trained, improve their skills, and find new weapons. Graphics is just striking, standing together with two-dimensional RPG from SuperNintendo TV game devices. While playing you may find weapons, armor and objects. Their variations are almost infinite. The world is just huge and you can spend hours wandering across it. Even if you play without a break for lunch, sleep and physical needs you will need more than 20 hours to complete the game. If take only enemies- the game has more than 100 variants of them! Elven Chronicles game features:
  • Specific RPG interface;
  • Captivating fights;
  • Intricate and interesting plot, with well-thought details;
  • A huge number of weapons, armor and accessories;
  • More than 100 kinds of enemies;
  • Charming music;
  • Excellent graphics;
  • Staggering visual effects;
  • More than 20 hours of gameplay.
  • Views: 286 666
    Popularity: 74 227
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    Added: 07-17-2009
    Votes: 648
    A great game with beautiful graphics and nice battles. Travel corresponding with a map, fulfill tasks, destroy your enemies, improve yourself and buy various helpful objects. You may create buildings; engage an army and a make a lot of other things!
    Views: 646 555
    Popularity: 227 799
    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
    Added: 07-08-2009
    Votes: 808

    Doom RPG is a turn-based role-playing game in the universe of playing serial DOOM. You put on a paratrooper uniform again and land to Mars to kick asses (or other things they have) of alien creatures! What are you waiting for? Get weaving!
    The gameplay is designed for not less than 8 hour playing. Unlike its relations – shooters Doom 1, 2 and 3– mobile Doom RPG is going to present us a coherent story with a mass of characters and interactive environments.
    The more the gamer fights (or fulfills the tasks), the more skillful he becomes, and consequently his strength and health will improve. On the levels one can collect and earn credit cards of UAC Corporation. And then change them for ammunition, medical kits and other nice things. Press 3666, and let the happiness be with you…

    Views: 385 350
    Popularity: 115 695
    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
    Added: 06-22-2009
    Votes: 231
    You have an astounding remake of a classic RPG of 1989! A strange crystal has moved you to a gigantic world named "The Dark Dimension". More than 10 hours of play are waiting for you, hundreds of non-player characters, numerous dungeons, hordes of monsters and wonderful exciting plot – you have never seen something like that on mobile phones! Real heroes do not have fear! You have a goal, a right sword and unwavering determination to bear away from this unforgettable adventure. -3 ->
    Views: 165 033
    Popularity: 26 810
    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
    Added: 06-21-2009
    Votes: 648

    Demon Hunter is another beautiful and dynamic action RPG from Chinese developers. You have a huge sword in your arms, smoking gun and … a destiny of the whole world! So, ATTACK!!!


    Events preceding Demon Hunter: Demons used to rule in an ancient human world, they arrived there through the Gates of Hell and turned people into slaves by putting people to the torture! Long-term suppression of the human resistance… Appearance of large-scale hostilities. The war lasted during lots of years until the Gates of Hell were opened again.. To turn them to another side and drive all the demons away, you should use the magic stamp...

    Views: 442 864
    Popularity: 209 447
    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
    Added: 06-15-2009
    Votes: 130
    Our main character named Trunks, inherited from the ancestors together with the magic weapon, enters into a new adventure to save his village. In java game The Soul Legend: The Return Of The King you will have a choice of five types of weapons: water, fire, earth, air, wood, etc.
    Views: 105 371
    Popularity: 27 589
    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
    Added: 06-10-2009
    Votes: 255
    A continuation of game series about the vampire and zombie killer: Castlevania: Reincarnation. As before hordes of zombies, vampires and ghosts will not let you get bored during the whole game. Castlevania: Reincarnation game features:
  • A great story
  • Stunning graphics
  • Arcade dynamic gameplay
  • "Upgrading" of the character
  • Mighty magic and powerful weapons In general, an amazing absorbing RPG! Files in Russian are added!
  • Views: 195 193
    Popularity: 74 968
    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
    Added: 06-05-2009
    Votes: 347
    A continuation of a cult strategy Ancient Empires, based on the motives of ancient legends and myths. Prepare your troops for a battle! The continuation of a famous Ancient Empires is waiting for you. Stop the deadly dragons, cruel archers and fierce wolves. Protect your kingdom! The fait of Thorin is in your hands! The gameplay will please all the lovers of turn-based strategy! Unbelievable trials that fell to lot of kingdom Thorin’s rulers, brothers Galamar and Waladorn will not leave the game lovers indifferent. "And the Earth will tremble, and the Heavens will cry for Him, Him who will destroy the destroyer, for Him, who will take the taker. And a new era comes, the era, free from evil and darkness." Become the participants and witnesses of the last prediction of Crystals.
    Views: 246 381
    Popularity: 56 854
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