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Age Of Heroes IV: Blood And Twilight
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Game description:
Elves have lost war to orks, their earths have been ruined, that who survived had to leave the world through magic portals. But not all the elves left, six most courageous remained. They hid in secret undergrounds under sacred wood. There, among tombs of the leaders and priests they have learnt the terrible ritual which allows dying and reincarnating in a certain similarity of a dead person, capable to revenge orks. They had no choice, as on an exit from a necropolis all of them would be killed, and in the dungeon they would be left without food and water.

In the fourth part of epic role strategy Age Of Heroes: Blood and Twilight you should take part in last travel of those who once was elves - away from a new kingdom of orks, on the distant north, by barbarous settlements and valleys of powerful magicians, through undergrounds of ancient races, towards to a white flame of inquisitors of people, and sharp blade of their paladins in search of a place for the dead in the world of those who are alive. In search of the power or oblivion.

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Age of Heroes 3: Orcs Retribution
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Game description:
There are no immortal people, or immortal gods - but legends about them, and stories about great heroes, awful villains and bloody fights are immortal. There is a continuation of the epic saga the Epoch of heroes III: Punishment of Orks on screens of your mobile phones.

In new part Age of Heroes. Punishment of Orks:

  • new principles of construction of the game purposes and quests do the game more fascinating and unpredictable
  • Two absolutely new races, with new units, special abilities and magic
  • New cards with set interactive objects;
  • the Original subject line consisting of many interconnected quests
  • Two alternative endings
  • the stunning graphics, animation and special effects br/>
  • There are obstacles, city walls and gate, and also fighting vehicles for their elimination in the battlefield
  • Companions and the friends of the protagonist influence a course of fights, owning magic, and even creating artefacts
  • Three schools of spontaneous magic, both attacking, and strengthening, with possibility to combine them for creation of even more powerful spells
  • the powerful artefacts influencing the characteristics of the hero and one modular superartefact
  • the unusual sight at the world of a fantasy and mutual relation of familiar races.
    Many years the intestine war raged in the earths of orks. Leaders of the clans, searching absolute authorities, battled among themselves, and did not know peace. And when they had one enemy they could not unite.
    Elves, under the leadership of their ruthless fighter Felengir have intruded to their neighbours, destroying everything on the way. Armies of orks have been broken, leaders of clans have been destroyed or besieged in the fortresses.
    and only one of them can get in the way of the elves, it is Rakgul, the leader of clan of orks, whose soldiers have fallen in unequal fight. Only he can unite the burnt country, to collect a great artefact of orks the Armour Khara, and to lead the armies to the victory over conquerors.

    Battle in ten epic fights and small battles. Rule over mighty shamans - the lords of three elements, furious berserkers, huge trolls and artful goblins. Develop the hero and use artefacts.

    Carry out difficult quests, enjoy unique ork humour and atmospheric dialogues - after all now each your step can affect outcome of the final fight.
    Pass the way up to the end, look in the eyes of the sovereign of elves Aelen, and let your axe be stuck into roots of the Tree of the World.

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    Age of Heroes II: Underground Horror
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    Game description:
    Once the evil has already been won, but since then a lot of time has passed. The destinies of others occured to be in the hands of theHero again: the dead have woken up not only in human settlements, but also in possession of underground inhabitants. Gnomes are brave soldiers, but their weapon is weak against magic of death, and one of the few who can help them is a necromancer by the name of Ortega, the former court magician who is now passing his time in a small hut on a slope of mountain. This is a destiny of a necromancer to battle to lifeless generations of malicious forces. But it is time come to undertake a fighting staff and to use the strongest spells for the world not to plunge into darkness!

    new possibilities and improvements in Age of Heroes II. Horror from the underground:

  • the Improved graphics, two new worlds - mountain valleys and caves of gnomes
  • Ten new beings, both in your army, and in army of your enemies
  • New artificial intelligence of the enemies who pursue your armies, and are the first to attack
  • Three levels of new, destructive magic
  • Twenty levels of improvement for the hero, set of artefacts influencing parametres
  • System of various quests and a fascinating plot
    In the second part of epic strategy it is necessary for you:

  • to head the army of gnomes and to use powerful necromantic against hordes of the risen dead persons;
  • to carry out subject tasks, to communicate with new allies and to battle to new armies against new opponents;
  • to Use powerful artefacts and to improve abilities of the hero - necromanthus Ortegas;
  • to Pursue the enemies on a surface of the earth and in vaults of gnomes, to plan the strategy, to collect armies and to win!

    The ancient evil has risen from oblivion. The gnomes were fearless but their bravery was powerless against ancient magic. The only thing they could do was to leave theirhouses and to search the help above in mountain valleys.

    Ortega was not surprised to see the gnomes at his hut. He listened to them and agreed to help them.

    Old necromancer did not know how far this adventure could lead them.

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    Age of Heroes: Army of Darkness
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    Game description:
    Army of Darknesss is the first game from the whole series of fantasy adventure games Age of Heroes. The world is threatened by underground gloom, deadmen have risen from the tombs to clear the earth from live, eternal hunger and someone's malicious will moves them.

    of mobile game Age of Heroes - Gloom Army:

  • More than 5 hours of game
  • Game card more than 9000 cells
  • 2 races and 10 various beings with especial characteristics
  • A lot of artefacts and spells Various game tasks More than 15 game screens (artefacts, sale, purchase, a card, tasks etc.)
  • In powerful models high-grade sound registration and animation
  • From 64 to 192 various elements of a card depending on model.
    You should rescue mankind from darkness generations, the way of the hero is uneasy, he is trapped by dangerous adventures and difficult tasks, but brave soldiers are ready to join your army, and those who on the light party will show the correct way. The magic and artefacts will serve you. Save the world from evil spirits. Operate the hero, find treasures and carry out the task to earn money; buy army to win. Excellent step-by-step fights will allow you to develop the tactics of conducting fight. Players can take part in project development by sending the stories or drawings on world Age of Heroes. And those who want to be on the function of the producer the producer, can write ideas, offers and councils for the future versions of game to a forum. The most interesting thoughts will be accepted to working-out. .

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    The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
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    Genres:RPG, Action
    Game description:
    A new menace threatens the world of Narnia and only you can help. Direct the sail of your ship to Narnia using your mobile phone and explore the worlds of the seas and islands. In the role of prince Caspian, Edmund or Lucy you will fight with the sea monsters and dragons in the epic battles. On the base of the movie about the Chronicles of Narnia you will visit the islands of Gaulduoter and the House of the Difficult Trials. The destiny of Narnia depends on you.

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    Genres:RPG, Action
    Game description:
    Dweller is a fantasy game for mobile phones. There are 3 characters in the game: Warrior, Magician, Ranger. The simple goal of the game is to kill the Goblin King!

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    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
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    Game description:
    Dive into the magical world of mobile game created basing on the new part of the movie about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1.
    Together with your team, with Hermione and Ron, explore the whole world outside the gates of Hogwarts.

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 The Mobile Game features:
  • New places such as cafes on Shaftesbury Avenue, the Quidditch World Cup, gloomy mansion, the Ministry of Magic, Forest-of-Dean, gardens Xenophilius Lovegood
  • 20 exciting battles
  • Unique abilities of each of the characters
  • Ability to improve the characteristics of the main characters
  • opportunity to play for Ron and Hermione
  • Great graphics and physics of the movement. Find and destroy Horcruxes, fight with Voldemort, Death Eaters, Dementors, etc. You will have 20 different spells, collect artifacts and magic to solve puzzles to unravel the mysteries of this story ...

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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. mobile 3D
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    Genres:RPG, Action
    Game description:
    At first I wanted to survive only. Then I considered that it is possible to escape from here. But now it is time to learn who and what for did it. The Zone has heart, there is a founder - and I will find it, sooner or later. Features of game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. mobile:
    • One more page from life of the Zone of the Alienation, supplementing history S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl;
    • the Fascinating nonlinear plot with various endings, history of friendship, treachery and courage of the people every day facing the unknown;
    • Excellentl graphics and special effects;
    • Familiar environment and surroundings of the Zone, location and characters remembered on PC of the version of game;
    • Various types of weapon and firing modes,use of muffler and telescopicl sight;
    • Possibility of development of abilities of the protagonist, distribution of points of experience;
    • Set of familiar artefacts differently influencing the characteristics of the protagonist;
    • Dialogue and trade with friendly characters, atmospheric dialogues, plot, collateral and casual missions and tasks.
    After thousand of hours spent here, I who achieved everything that wished once - the round sum on bank accounts in three countries of the world - understand that I will not leave from here so simply. I look at beginners - and I see myself, I have lost here more friends than have had in life, I have killed here more people, than once in Afghanistan, and even the nickname of Stalker became more native for than my own name.

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    Fantasy Warrior Legends
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    Genres:RPG, Action
    Game description:
    Explore the vast world in the role of a fearless warrior named Ronto and free your village from the monsters. Your journey will go through the dense forests and dark dungeons. Destroy the orcs, bandits and skeletons. Look for the gems, for which you can purchase weapons and armor. Improve your skills. Fantasy Warrior Legends game features:
    • premium RPG
    • unrestricted gameplay
    • different upgrades
    • jewelry collection
    • store of the weapons and magic

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    The Devil and the Angel of Tears Sword
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    Game description:
    This game will bring joy to those, who crave for adventures, transformations and achieves the victory of good over evil. One strong, but very evil angel was sent to the Earth for his punishment. His brother - the good angel- came with him. In this world they have no more magic power. They were mere mortals, but their strength was in good and evil swords under the ground. Years later, a simple boy found these sword and unleashed the forces hidden in them. Who will win? .. The graphics, story and game sound just fantastic!

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