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Puzzle Warriors
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Genres:RPG, Logic
Game description:
Test your skills in the puzzle! Solve the problem and kill monsters. You have not seen it yet- tasks to chack logic and step-fighting in one game! Having reached the end - become a real warrior!

Mix of logic and step-fighting in one game! A game where the main hero will travel by solving a set of puzzles. Clover world is the so-called through which your way will go. The enemies led by Death Lord enslaved this beautiful world, but the aboriginals have a legend that one day there will be a hero, who will produce magical stones,and will be able to release the wonderful world of Clover with them. Of course, magic stones are not hidden under a nearby stump, you have to work hard to get them out of their hidden places in different parts of the world. It is difficult to determine the genre of the game: it's a puzzle, and, partly PRG as it is classified by a developer. Having reached the end - become a real warrior!

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Ancient Empires
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Genres:RPG, Strategy
Game description:
The situation could not be worse - your twin brother became your enemy ... Terrible times came for King Galamara and the dark clouds of war and bllod hatred have covered the Kingdom of Thorin.. Mother's twin brother Galamara - Valadorn - went to war against his brother in order to seize power in the kingdom.

It is doubly difficult for the king to wage a war against a close relative, but it should save and preserve the kingdom. Valadorn has thoroughly prepared for the war: evil wizards, giant spiders and the soldiers make the strongest Red legion. In this epic confrontation between good and evil you will need skills of strategy and planning, and nerves of steel. Create your invincible army and preserve its dominance and power!

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Robin Hood 2: In the Crusades
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Game description:
A sequel of Great Legends: Robin Hood game. This part continues the story of a fantastic battle with new and familiar faces. Many quests, a new arsenal of weapons and new tactics is for the gamers to pass the game. The game is an entertaining story of 10 chapters, 19 different maps. Many new types of arrows, swords, various items and 7 major bosses.

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Heroes Lore: Zero
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Genres:RPG, Action
Game description:

A continuation of a South Korean travel! Beautiful graphics, intriguing plot, a possibility to open several variants of ends. The game has 6 locations, more than 400 objects, more than 100 monsters, 30 skills, 30 available levels.

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The Call Of Cthulhu: Darkness within
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Genres:RPG, Adventure
Game description:
The ancient evil tries to break free!

The news about this spread throughout the world.
After a recent earthquake the bowels of an ancient city buried under the sand of the Egyptian desert,near Cairo turned up from the entrails.
This unusual and surprising discovery attracted the interest of the Cairo Museum, which was put in charge of the research in this area.

Professor Cornelius Osgood, the museum's director, went to the site with a team of researchers-archaeologists and paleontologists.
And he took you with him,as well,for you to acquire a working knowledge in the research of the old civilizations. Unfortunately, everything is not clear! Your arrival at the ruins coincided with a mysterious death of one of your colleagues.
The diary of the excavations tells about a rare object found after the earthquake, namely a rare stone of unknown origin that was found by one of the children living nearby.
But the stone has disappeared, and soon you'll realize that it may be a reason to begin to suspect someone!

The riddles are just beginning! Be careful!

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Thor Son of Asgard
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Game description:
A cunning plan of Loki to capture Asgard has failed, and now you have to beat off the attack of Malekith, playing for the mighty Thor armed with a hammer Mjolnir. Explore three very different worlds and fight with the Malekith, Enchantress, Course and Ulic.

13 levels are waiting for you, and as the game progresses you will learn new combat techniques. The game is also the arena in a survival mode, where Torah will need to fight against the mobs of the enemies.

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Detective Ridley and the Mysterious Enigma
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Genres:RPG, Adventure
Game description:
Join Detective Ridley Maximilian and Darcy, his niece, in search of the relics of the ancestors, namely, an ancient medallion, which gives eternal life. Your searches will lead you to four places of the world, through many puzzles that you have to solve ..

Detective Ridley and the Mysterious Enigma features:
  • 50 complex puzzles and mysteries of all kinds: logic, attention, calculation, and much more
  • Adventures around the world in 5 locations including London, India and Japan
  • A large number of different characters, who can share the secrets
  • Great story with lots of puzzles
  • Adjustable difficulty: ff you get stuck with a puzzle, then you have the chance to choose a hint

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Medal of Honor Airborne Elite
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Genres:RPG, Action
Game description:
During the Second World fascist invaders were very afraid of domestic fire rockets named "Katyusha" and American paratroopers. Brave guys jumped right on the heads of the unsuspecting enemies. Under a hail of bullets and artillery shells they landed on the most dangerous sections of the front and always performed the task. In a new episode of the legendary series named Medal of Honor Airborne - you have to get used to the image of Boyd Travers, a soldier of the eighty-second Airborne Division, and look at the war from the hight of the bird's flight. New battles are raging in occupied Europe. You will pass from Sicily to Germany, starting each contest with an exciting leap out of the clouds. You can choose the place, where the hero lands, thereby determining the course of the battle. New graphics, tactics, and a huge number of exciting transactions - all these things wait you in Medal of Honor Airborne, a game of heroes!

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Game description:
Majesty: Royal simulator is a huge magical world where you had the honor to become the head of a small fairy kingdom. Trying the virtual crown on, you will take responsibility for the welfare of the country and all its inhabitants. Battle with various beasts and monsters, exploration of the new territories, development of science and economics, and a pile of unexpected tasks are waiting for you. For example, what should I do if all the gold in the kingdom turned into a cookie? Or how to return the trolls, robbing the caravans, whose disappearance undermines the country's economy?

Majesty: Royal Simulator game features:
  • cult strategy of indirect management fully tailored to mobile phones
  • 10 kinds of characters with dozens of options, individual weapons and armor
  • Dozen of different kinds of monsters
  • Dozens of spells
  • 30 types of buildings with opportunity to upgrade them
  • 8 story missions
Also an exclusive feature of Majesty: Royal Simulator is that you can not directly control your subjects. Your kingdom has many heroes: brave knights and warlike barbarians, powerful sorcerers and mysterious necromancers, industrious gnomes and skilled elves and many, many others. However, they all lead their own lives and decide for themselves what they will do at any given moment. You can give orders and instructions, but they will be performed only, if they are supported by a solid reward.

In Majesty: Royal Simulator there are role-playing game elements: to fulfill your request, the characters improve their skills and talents, earn money to spend on new equipment, weapons and magic potions.

Majesty: Royal Simulator is a great adventure in a small phone.

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Egypt Sensation
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Game description:
A mysterious mission and the priceless golden Bibles,as well as fantastic situations. O'Connor is a CIA agent. He was sent to the Louvre to steal the treasures named Sun Bible looted by the French in Egypt. In this java-game you will have eveyrthing: the magnificent temple of the sun, rich and beautiful palace of Pharaoh, "The Passions of Egypt" and much more.

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