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Added: 04-26-2011
New life of a classic board game known to every schoolboy. Use your cunning and ingenuity. Locate your fleet in a battle order, so that the opponent would not guess where your fleet is located! In "High Tech",the new mode, with new unique weapons the game gets even more interesting. Use the latest developments of the modern military equipment! Your opponent can be artificial intelligence of three kinds of complexity. A connection via BlueTooth offers the opportunity to fight with a real player. Write your NAME in the best global ON-LINE table of the world!

Battleship MODERN + Bluetooth:
  • Support of all Touch Screen/Stylus phones
  • Complete game via BlueTooth
  • 2 game modes: Classic (Classic Sea Battle), Hi-tech (with the New Regime opportunities)
  • Ability to play: single with MS (Singl player), via BlueTooth channel- Multiplayer
  • Newest features of the game: hits from the satellite, mines, radar, torpedoes, aircraft bombing , shot cruisers, captain - Kamikaze, napalm and other.
  • Dynamic and exciting gameplay
  • Unusual style and design
  • Generator the arrangement of the ships
  • Instant recording and downloading in a single game, and in a multiplayer
  • Lots of music and realistic sounds
  • Unique on-line statistics
  • The project was completed in the Russian language
P.S. The game is specifically designed for all sensory (Touch Screen/ Stylus) or keyboard phones. The game includes a full Single player (single-player game for passing it) and a unique technology pf Multiplayer - (a game for two people) for BlueTooth channel!
Views: 1 376 935
Popularity: 632 835
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Added: 04-21-2011
The fear paralyzed the city. The birds' mafia is plundering and ruining the families of the cats. But our heroes do not sleep. At night, hungry cats go hunting.
Each of them - Claw, Flash, Mimolet, Behemoth, Boom - is endowed with special abilities. They are ready to blow up the reinforcements of the birds and flog their tails for the sake of the innocent kittens.
Become one of them and help the ctas' special troops to organize a warm welcome for evil birds! They need your logic, strategy and cold calculus. Hurry up, it's time to sharpen the claws!

Hungry Cats game features:
  • the best opportunity to test the worth of touchscreen phones
  • movement of the shells and the destruction of the facilities take place in accordance with the laws of physics
  • revolutionary special effects for j2me game
  • the most unusual "shells" with different abilities
  • all sorts of bonuses and online competitions
  • plenty of the levels, locations, scenes
Views: 700 557
Popularity: 200 691
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Added: 04-17-2011
Continuation of the popular computer game named Treasures of Montezuma will be fond of by all the fans of the genre of puzzles and "three in a row." About 100 levels of Indian secrets and mysteries, a lot of magical artifacts, and 3 game modes are waiting for you.

Treasures of Montezuma 2 features:
  • About 100 levels
  • Three game modes and totems
  • Magical bonuses and totems
  • Mysterious atmosphere of the Aztec civilization
In Treasures of Montezuma 2, comprising a combination of chips of the same color, it is necessary to perform various tasks while exceeding in the allotted time level. A successful completion will then be rewarded by prize points and gold, which can be spent to purchase various bonuses and enhancements. Opening the secret magic of the Aztecs and collecting all the precious crystals, you rebuild the heavenly city of Tenochtitlan.
Views: 546 348
Popularity: 156 673
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Added: 04-15-2011
Majesty: Royal simulator is a huge magical world where you had the honor to become the head of a small fairy kingdom. Trying the virtual crown on, you will take responsibility for the welfare of the country and all its inhabitants. Battle with various beasts and monsters, exploration of the new territories, development of science and economics, and a pile of unexpected tasks are waiting for you. For example, what should I do if all the gold in the kingdom turned into a cookie? Or how to return the trolls, robbing the caravans, whose disappearance undermines the country's economy?

Majesty: Royal Simulator game features:
  • cult strategy of indirect management fully tailored to mobile phones
  • 10 kinds of characters with dozens of options, individual weapons and armor
  • Dozen of different kinds of monsters
  • Dozens of spells
  • 30 types of buildings with opportunity to upgrade them
  • 8 story missions
Also an exclusive feature of Majesty: Royal Simulator is that you can not directly control your subjects. Your kingdom has many heroes: brave knights and warlike barbarians, powerful sorcerers and mysterious necromancers, industrious gnomes and skilled elves and many, many others. However, they all lead their own lives and decide for themselves what they will do at any given moment. You can give orders and instructions, but they will be performed only, if they are supported by a solid reward.

In Majesty: Royal Simulator there are role-playing game elements: to fulfill your request, the characters improve their skills and talents, earn money to spend on new equipment, weapons and magic potions.

Majesty: Royal Simulator is a great adventure in a small phone.
Views: 604 139
Popularity: 119 620
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Added: 03-25-2011
A reproduction of robots is a interesting, but time-consuming process. To create a new cybernetic body you need to sweat well astwo minutes are enough for this. Oold friends Annie and Robo have finally decided to have a baby. But the thing is that re are noright parts at , microchips cost great sums of money at thestores, and the processors are the problem at all, even at black markets there are nodecent models. But for the sake of a brighter future for his baby Robo is y for anything. That is aht he has to penetrate a secret tanned laboratory.

Robo 3 game features:

  • 30 levels
  • a map for ing
  • 4 game worlds
  • increasing level of complexity
  • level editor
Reaching it is not easy, because the bodies of the lab are scattered along a giant test site. A huge area is littered with abandoned machinery, deadly lasers and reflectors, full of hyper space portals and tunnels. Not everybody ventures even to enter into this zone, much less to pass it from the beginning to the end ...
Each game game level is a maze of many obstacles, traps and deadly machinery. Your task is to lead Robo to the exit, passing or destroying all the obstacles. After passing all 30 levels of the game, you can try to create your own ones or download the ones of other users resorting to a built-in editor.
Views: 520 013
Popularity: 173 692
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Added: 03-24-2011
The rules of this puzzle are quite simple at first glance - to open an image, you need to cut it into pieces the background image covering it. It is necessary to avoid collisions with the balls-killers moving around the screen. However,simple rules leave much room for choice of tactics for passing the game. And if the first levels do not cause any trouble, then the next player will have to try hard-quick thinking and even quicker action are required from him.

Pet Xonix game features:
  • Interesting system of bonuses and anti-bonuses
  • Cute and funny little creatures at each level
  • High Scores
  • Fascinating gameplay
The game has a large variety of bonuses to facilitate or complicate passing of it. And the most important thing: each level has the coolest little animal, who will make you smile and will touch your heart.
Views: 67 352
Popularity: 22 423
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Added: 03-04-2011
The Overtaker 3D is a new quality of 3D graphics in not conventional FPS from times of World War II. In forgotten recess of Europe Germany works over technologies which can change history run.

features of game Overtaker 3D:
  • the Unusual three-dimensional world is full of special effects and interactive objects
  • 12 missions keep the player in suspence
  • Connection of dynamic game and tactics
  • 6 different kinds of the opponent and diverse arms
  • the Musical background underlining atmosphere of the game.
Use extraordinary abilities of the Undertaker to slink in the darkness, to attack without warning and use force of opponents against them.
Views: 539 490
Popularity: 171 204
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Added: 02-25-2011
Speed is a drug. It is addictive and causes trembling in your hands and once experienced it in reality you want to try again. To feel once again how obediently the gas pedal goes to the floor as the buzz of the heavy-duty engine grows into roaring and the lights of other cars are rushing by remaining far behind.

R.U.S.H. game features:
  • Stunning speed and dynamics of the game
  • Realistic physics of the control, collisions and accidents
  • Vivid cinematic special effects - explosions, blowing up cars and bursts of fire
  • Dynamic 3D environments, snow-covered slopes and deadly night race
  • Ability to place your records in the Internet and compete in the virtual tournaments with other players
  • Musical accompaniment and sound effects, explosions and collisions
  • Simple and clear controls and addictive gameplay
  • System of the hints at low levels of difficulty
  • High performance and optimization for weak 3D phones models
  • Game is available in 9 languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian, German, Italian, French, Czech, Spanish, Polish
Speed is never enough. No matter how quickly the road signs pass outside the windows or the road rushes behind the wheels - they do it too slowly and want to accelerate their movement to the endurance limit of metal, carbon and human consciousness.
Speed is fun limiting with self-destruction balancing on the narrow border between the checked maneuver and turning into a whirlwind of debris between the temporary victory and absolute defeat that is unbearable.
Speed is a drug. And like with any drug the dose that is too large can become fatal.
Views: 1 021 106
Popularity: 530 328
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Added: 02-19-2011
They fight on the ruins of the past. Their cars crash in the whirlwinds of the lead and flames, their rockets do not know how to miss, and six barreled machine guns cut the armor like butter. Their mad drivers are the best and their cars are the works of art created for a battle and show.

3D Guns, Wheels and Madheads game features:

  • Futuristic battle races in ultra modern 3D performance, inexpressible speed and dynamics of the battles;
  • Dynamic lighting and lots of special effects, explosions, flashes and light effects;
  • Seven types of weapon - from standard machine guns to heavy mortars, homing missiles and multi-barreled cannons;
  • Three types of mines and five bonuses of different types - from increasing the damage to becoming two times faster and immortality;
  • Battles with several enemies simultaneously in different modes - career mode with increasing difficulty and in the survival mode against continuously attacking enemies;
  • Six different cars requiring different approach and different style of the game;
  • 10 different arenas with the possibility of a day or night combat. They fight in the shadows of the cities,among the burned fragments of the ancient capitals destroyed by the nuclear blasts, in Coliseums covered by oil and gasoline. The crowds hail them, their images fly on the neon panels in the sky, and satellites which were military some time ago, transmit their battles to all over the planet. They are all accustomed to die and rise again in cybernetic resuscitation, each of their vehicles was broken down and burned thousands of times ... They are gladiators, and their job is to kill or die.
  • Views: 899 218
    Popularity: 351 511
    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
    Added: 02-17-2011
    In Square Fairy kingdom there lived a King. He loved fun and order. He liked everything in the kingdom to be on its place. A wicked witch, who was crazy about the chaos and was trying to put things in a mess, lived next door. Help the Square King to save his throne and to teach the witch!

    The Square King features:

  • supportof the Touch/Touch Screen /Stylusphones
  • opportunity to play with one or two rivals
  • complete game viaBlueTooth
  • full interactivity of the game with a partner
  • classical rules of Snap Card Fool
  • more than 15 types of gaming backgrounds
  • increase of the experience of the opponent
  • nonlinear tactics of the game
  • global table of records on-line
  • game saving at any time
  • soundtrack
  • Views: 435 509
    Popularity: 185 065
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