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Added: 08.09.2011

MeetLego Batman The Mobile Game 2011!

Feel yourself as a Batman and become a master of martial arts! You will have some fabulous tricks in stock for your rivals. You may grasp and throw your enemies use your Bat-car for military purposes. The most important thing is a peaceful life of native Gotham and freedom of hostages!

Views: 2340720 | Popularity: 543791
Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
Added: 06.09.2011

Tribia EX is a real primitive adventure in your mobile phone! Meet the second version of the game!

Game features:

  • Colorful, stylish graphics with hundreds of animations;
  • Funny living characters, new predators which you could not take your eyes off;
  • Unique and inimitable style of gameplay and exciting adventures;
  • Easy and clear control;
  • 22 exciting missions that will not let you get bored;
  • 14 types of buildings– from the hut of sticks and canine teeth to the Tiger Totem and Shaman Huts.
Views: 518211 | Popularity: 211120
Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
Added: 23.08.2011
TNA iMPACT is an exclusive game, created on basis of the super popular television show dedicated to wrestling.
Choose your style in wrestling and get to know the most spectacular tricks
Views: 583035 | Popularity: 189975
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Added: 18.08.2011
A continuation of the legendary series of games about tanks. Go through a hell of World War III. Drive a modern tank, exterminating hordes of enemies. Begin your way as a sergeant and serve till… well, learn it yourself. New missions, new enemies and new buildings are waiting for you! And a new war! Start the engine and go forth to the fight, sergeant!
Views: 1664808 | Popularity: 362914
Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
Added: 16.08.2011
In this game you will play as a daring commando Adam Strong or as a second pilot beautiful Elsa Moon. After losing signals from the research station an elite squad was sent to the island, but the helicopter got into storm and was wrecked on the beach of this ill-fated island…And who knows what kind of experiments were performed in the laboratory and what horrors lurk in the foliage. You will have various weapons at your disposal, beginning with the miniature shocker to large-caliber grenade launcher. Various bonuses, bullet-proof vest, first aid kits, etc. Change of times of the day, bright day and an insidious dark night!
Views: 543892 | Popularity: 145263
Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
Added: 12.08.2011

Restless representatives of the Vasnetsovs family are with you again! Together with their funny concerns, amusing incidents and troubles they left TV television screen to move to your mobile phones.

Daughters 2 game features:

  • All the characters of your favorite series are on your phone
  • A lot of fun puzzles and mini-games
  • Colorful cartoon graphics
  • System gaming achievements, and table of records
  • Sea of humor and no violence
Views: 2543887 | Popularity: 771647
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Added: 02.07.2011

Are you dreaming to go on a summer trip?
Do not forget to take your pets with you. A fidgety cat and mischievous kitten from « Meowsim: Kotovasia » will see to it that the spirit of adventures did not leave you this summer. Go in search of treasure, build totem and collect bonuses in mini-games! All the joys of summer life are waiting for you!

Views: 901599 | Popularity: 99529
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Added: 10.06.2011
It's a sex story in which you are a doctor-intern, the main character
Are you ready to exercise your fantasies?
Meet with stunning girls to have sex.
Will you gain LOVE of the most beautiful girl and become her guy?!
Then go ahead!!!
The game was specially developed for all sensory (Touch Screen / Stylus) or keyboard phones.
Views: 3440461 | Popularity: 971579
Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
Added: 05.05.2011
The legendary game is back! "Wolf and Eggs"! A favorite game has now become colorefull, more interesting and attractive. Catch the eggs, not giving the gray wolf to have rest. This is a remake of the addictive game about a funny wolf from the same cartoon. Only now it is with great graphics and animations and lots of familiar soundtrack. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed, you will not be bored! The game is designed for all sensory (Touch Screen and Stylus and keyboard) phones.

Wolf and Eggs game features:
  • Full support for all the Touch / Touch Screen / Stylus and keyboard phones
  • Game modes: classic (a classic version of the game), retro (a stylish black / white game)
  • Adjustable difficulty level: "Game A" - easy (3 trays), "Game B "- heavy (4 trays)
  • Beautiful graphics and animations, many locations
  • Smooth difficulty increase
  • Reset of the penalties upon reaching 200 points and then the quantity of the points multiple by 500 points
  • Great soundtrack that does not let you forget about what you're
  • Save game at any time
  • UNIQUE ON-LINE system of the statistics

Views: 3385360 | Popularity: 1221522
Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
Added: 26.04.2011
New life of a classic board game known to every schoolboy. Use your cunning and ingenuity. Locate your fleet in a battle order, so that the opponent would not guess where your fleet is located! In "High Tech",the new mode, with new unique weapons the game gets even more interesting. Use the latest developments of the modern military equipment! Your opponent can be artificial intelligence of three kinds of complexity. A connection via BlueTooth offers the opportunity to fight with a real player. Write your NAME in the best global ON-LINE table of the world!

Battleship MODERN + Bluetooth:
  • Support of all Touch Screen/Stylus phones
  • Complete game via BlueTooth
  • 2 game modes: Classic (Classic Sea Battle), Hi-tech (with the New Regime opportunities)
  • Ability to play: single with MS (Singl player), via BlueTooth channel- Multiplayer
  • Newest features of the game: hits from the satellite, mines, radar, torpedoes, aircraft bombing , shot cruisers, captain - Kamikaze, napalm and other.
  • Dynamic and exciting gameplay
  • Unusual style and design
  • Generator the arrangement of the ships
  • Instant recording and downloading in a single game, and in a multiplayer
  • Lots of music and realistic sounds
  • Unique on-line statistics
  • The project was completed in the Russian language
P.S. The game is specifically designed for all sensory (Touch Screen/ Stylus) or keyboard phones. The game includes a full Single player (single-player game for passing it) and a unique technology pf Multiplayer - (a game for two people) for BlueTooth channel!
Views: 1337821 | Popularity: 619392
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