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Added: 07-31-2009
New game from Disney studio, based on the animation film of the same name. Now you have an opportunity to feel yourself as a real battle guinea pig. Commander Darwin leads the valiant squad to attack to save the world from another evil.
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Popularity: 205372
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Added: 07-27-2009
As part of a group of Grave robbers, you find a unexplored system of secret tunnels in Egypt. After the unexpected attack to your group all the exits were buried... It seems that now you are to fight not only for ancient treasures, but also for your life. Shadows of Egypt 3D game features:
  • 17 full-fledged 3D levels;
  • 2 MEGA Bosses (+ bloodthirsty army of monsters and aliens);
  • 6 types of weapons: Colt Walker (44 caliber), MP-40 "Schmeisser", Mosin rifle, AK-47, Plasma Gun, Sword of Osiris;
  • Full 3D (even on telephones, that do not have support of 3D);
  • Graphics of high-quality and unparalleled animation;
  • mysterious and absorbing scenario;
  • music and accompanying sound (realistic shots of weapon);
  • the game is made in Russian.
  • Views: 395746
    Popularity: 116984
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    Added: 04-09-2009
    The Moon 2039. The Earth resources are exhausted, the planet gives up its last storages. The Chinese space program launched successfully and turned into a new ground for mining operations and massive Moon colonization. 2007 – The launch of artificial moon satellite 2012 – Return of the satellite 2020 – Moonfall and Moon development 2024 – The first Moon expedition 2030 – The Moon base construction and settlement of tyconauts 2035 – Creation of direct landing technology After the fail of Apollo mission renewal USA refused to take part in Moon program for the second time. At this time unity of states, such as Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia and Kazakhstan decided to seriously subjugate the Earth satellite. The Great States’ technology consolidation gave a stimulus to constantly operating staff and to creation of the Moon base. 2038 – China breached the “Agreement about peaceful space”. The first armed conflict on the Moon surface. 2039 – These days... The armed conflict is in full swing. China tries to get monopoly to the whole Moon surface and its resources. Moon game features:
  • 15 battle missions all over the Moon
  • 15 levels for two players. (Multiplayer- BlueTooth modes )
  • 3 levels of difficulty
  • a possibility to play via BlueTooth (with one another)
  • game continuation from the point of disconnection in Multiplayer mode (BlueTooth)
  • the unique level of an artificial intellect
  • non-linear/group tactic combat CPU, attack, defense, grouping
  • a variety of thematic missions (capture, building, passing, holding, clean-up)
  • realistic Moon atmosphere (craters, hollows, falling meteorites, space shower, moon shadows)
  • a possibility of give orders to a single person or to groups.
  • interactive Real-Time map of the Moon surface.
  • gradually opening map ("a war mist”)
  • 16 types of units (light infantry/ rough infantry, lunar rover, moon jeeps, hardware, gravitation equipment)
  • supply spacecrafts (movement of one unit with the help of other)
  • 6 variants of facilities (main base, nuclear reactor, a warehouse for keeping collected minerals, military base, heavy industry plant, space launching site)
  • renovation/selling of buildings
  • game speed adjustment
  • a lot of music and realistic sounds
  • fascinating plot
  • scientific information about the Moon, its characteristics and surface map.
  • record table after each mission
  • designed in Russian language
  • Views: 579905
    Popularity: 193459
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    Added: 04-07-2009
    Do you think you know the story of Gerasim and Mumu? In fact, it was not as described in the book. Bet you did not even guess that Gerasim lived near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and was not a janitor, but a hunter for artifacts? And a "harmless little dog" was cloned to bazillion of individuals lurking in the bottom of Pripyat in anticipation of prey... M.U.M.U. will open all the details of this heartbreaking story. You will remember this picture forever: burning nuclear power plant, a lone boat in the middle of the river and attacks of hell spawns from all the sides. Everyone who wants to join this madness will be given a paddle, and a unique opportunity to be eaten by the voracious crowd of furry creatures. Gourmets will have an opportunity to get into the body of the legendary dogs and try to get to the tidbit of a human flesh. Under a crack of skulls being crashed by a paddle, in the series of deadly combos and brutal super combos you will learn the main rule, which will surely save your life after Collider actuation: “Never drown dogs in radioactive rivers!” P.S.: This game is strongly not recommended by Greenpeace, Union of Russian Writers, fan club of I. S. Turgenev and the Society for the Protection of Mutants.
    Views: 2077923
    Popularity: 497449
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    Added: 03-27-2009

    Legend under name «Tankmania» is back! Heavy tank battalions are moving towards each other. The rumble of damped engines is heard together with the clank of tank tracks. The battle is going to begin and there is almost no time left…

    Gather your friends, cast and play! As now you may fight with your friends via Bluetooth– on lessons, dull lections, sitting on a bench in the park – anywhere! Here you may find yourself on the battlefields of various epochs: repeat the exploits of a great-grandfather in the First World War, finish off the German tanks in Great Patriotic War and take part in the wars in the east these days!

    Remember, that a real Tankmaniais not just adrenalin, excitement and joy, real «Tankmania» is :

    • Both single and network game via Bluetooth up to 8 players!
    • eight exciting game modes («kill all», «destroy base», etc.)
    • A possibility to add bots to network battles
    • 35 absorbing single missions with great playability
    • 5 built-in cards for network fights + constantly replenished catalogue of them downloaded from the network
    • 3 historic epochs and corresponding technical equipment and locations: I World War, II World War and modern military conflicts
    • A real technological revolution: advanced AI, terramorphing, unique bright pixel graphics, a different cross-country ability of vehicles
    • On-line ratings, personal profile on server, lots of bonuses, orders and medals for victories in battles
    Views: 2074315
    Popularity: 377027
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    Added: 03-23-2009
    A world of illegal racings may tell the truth about everyone, who will dare to take part in this harsh and attractive competitions. The mad speed becomes a drug here, and danger becomes a sense of your life. Try to bear the crazy rhythm, pass probation with money, and what is the most important, try to become the first. High Speed 3D inherited all the best from its elder brothers from consoles and PC: variety of racing cars, their tuning and upgrade, lots of track with unique features, dynamic gameplay. And at last realistic physics, allowing to smash your rivals’ cars, or to crash your own. In a full career mode you can make your way from an unknown youngster to an invincible champion, who excites crowds of devoted fans with only the roar of his car. Under a squeal of breaks and a crash of terrible wrecks you will take part in tens of rounds. A magnificent 3D graphics performed at an extremely high level will let you fully enjoy the game. A complete game story woven into a tight knot of intrigue, love, betrayal and death will be a nice addition. High Speed 3D—live at a high speed. High Speed 3D game features:
  • Stunning gameplay dynamics;
  • Realistic game physics;
  • An atmosphere of a real street racing;
  • An exciting criminal story with a great visualization;
  • Great number of different variants of races;
  • Unique graphic effects;
  • Personal statistics and on-line-competition;
  • 20 tracks in 4 worlds;
  • 9 unique cars;
  • Tuning suited to every fancy;
  • 2 game modes;
  • More than 50 rounds in a Career mode;
  • All the game characters are real actors.
  • Views: 1666781
    Popularity: 612553
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    Added: 03-18-2009
    An absorbing continuation of chronicles of a special squad soldier. Time did not change former principles and tasks that are before you… Time did not change the essence of the problem you are able to solve! The only thing that has changed – is your experience and methods of struggle against terrorism. The story of the first part: Political mistakes and disagreements lead to problems, but it does not bother you. You interfere only when long negotiations do not yield to the desired result. Your method of solving the problem is a short burst of machine-gun fire, pulling the trigger is your argument; your task is to find and destroy enemies… You are the hope of the state security services for a quick, high quality and clear solution of such problems. You are an elite commando! The problem you deal with is terrorism! The game contains full Single player (single game on advancing) and unique technology of Multiplayer – (playing together in Deathmatch) via Bluetooth! 3D Contr Terrorism (Episode 2) game features:
  • 3D first-person shooter;
  • 3D graphics on any phone;
  • a full-fledged game via BlueTooth (Deathmatch);
  • implementation of principles of contemporary computer and console "3D render”;
  • technology of implementation of photographic textures is applied;
  • lighting of premises, shadows, half shades, flashes;
  • 9 full-fledged 3D levels and objects;
  • mission of rescue and evacuation of hostages, mine clearing of the buildings;
  • 11 kinds of weapons: a knife, USP, Python, Desert Eagle, MP5, M4a1, AK-47, Dragunov sniper rifle, AWP, fragmentation and dazzle grenades;
  • realistic gun ballistics (type, range, power, efficiency, cartridge belt, impact);
  • 3D map of the level;
  • tracer bullets and shots;
  • project is in Russian.
  • Views: 1882047
    Popularity: 780728
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    Added: 03-13-2009

    The clouds are gathering over the most notorious terrorists. It’s high time to pay the bill. Aviation brigade of steel monsters Su-30 has already set a course to their most secret camps and shelters. Soon the heavenly tropical islands, which gave shelter to the murderers and thugs of all stripes, will turn into a flaming hell. And just retribution can not be stopped by any means.


    SU-30 game features:

    •  12 levels of incessant gunfire and explosions;
    • combat operations from the tropics to the South Pole;
    • huge three-dimensional structures destroyed;
    • an exiting plot; lots of the most various military equipment, rivals on the land, in the air and in the ocean;
    • high-quality graphics;
    • addictive gameplay. 
    Views: 473326
    Popularity: 96764
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    Added: 01-29-2009
    The Black Shark comes back. This time in all the beauty of its solidity. A new threat impended over the world, the terrorist organizations joined together to form a sinister alliance FT. You will have to sit behind the steering wheel of your faithful companion - Ka-50 "Black Shark" and set off to establish order. Terrorism, the plague of the XXI century, takes new positions. Having lost hope to achieve their goals separately, the terrorist organizations create the FT alliance and begin working together, developing new machines and terrible weapons of mass destruction. However, technologies of law-enforcement authorities also develop. And you command the helicopter, confronting the threat impending over the world. You have a whole arsenal of deadly missiles, bombs and other enemy targets removers. Full 3D graphics, terrific realistic sound, vibro-effects – this is everything you need to deliver a fatal blow to the terroristic alliance. Black Shark 3D. Game features:
  • Colorful 3D graphics;
  • Realistic sounds;
  • Vibro-creates the presence effect;
  • Dynamic gameplay;
  • Abundance of arms and armor;
  • Variety of enemies;
  • Intelligent "bosses."
  • Views: 355338
    Popularity: 95692
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    Added: 01-29-2009
    HeroCraft presents a mobile game «Revival Deluxe»; it is a grand action, in its scope, where you take a direct part, you create the history of the whole world! Powerful empires are created from scratch here; the prosperous states collapse all of a sudden, the science perishes and revives again, fierce fighting does not cease, capitals running into billions are earned and lost in the twinkling of an eye. You may gain truly absolute power after having withstood continuous battle for the place under the sun…Exploration of huge continents and even whole planets, erecting cities, science development and study of new technologies, maintenance of economic balance and a bloody expansion for the purpose of capturing the universe - everyone will find work to his mind. Unbeaten general or inborn diplomat, the talented economist or crafty politician - you choose your destinyyourself. «Revival Deluxe» how many years will it take you to make half-naked people build a spaceship? Revival Deluxe game features:
  • the game in the best tradition of "Civilization";
  • huge spaces for wars and peaceful development - 10 planets and 34continents;
  • the widest tactical variety: 4 types of towns, 21 type of military units;
  • 25 types of city constructions, 27 types of landscapes;
  • story campaign of 9 missions with four dozens of side campaigns;
  • advanced artificial intelligence, adjustable level of difficulty;
  • it is possible to play against 7 rivals simultaneously;
  • all the advantages of turn-based strategy: resources extraction, construction of Cities and development of technologies, military operations on land and at sea, the accumulation of experience and upgrades;
  • freshly improved graphics and splendid music.
  • Views: 569203
    Popularity: 153040
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