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Added: 17.01.2010
Get ready to experience unprecedented till now adventures in a new exciting game that combines action and spy antics. Feel like a special agent and find out who is behind the secret explosion... This is a super interesting history, during which you will avoid numerous traps and confront ugly enemies. Solid Weapon 3D: Breakout game features:
  • realistic and dramatic plot of an action game;
  • full three-dimensional environment;
  • Spectacular graphics;
  • wide variety of traps and obstacles;
  • There are over 30 drive music tracks of audio effects.
Views: 388836 | Popularity: 123407
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Added: 14.01.2010
Help DE moroz to gather the gifts that stupid penguins have stolen, scattering them in the vast expanse of Antarctica!
They constantly pursue the Grandpa and do not want the New Year to come!

Placing him traps in every way, they even managed to pour the green stuff, destroying everything in its path ...
Hurry up to find the gifts, because without them there will be no New Year!

The game supports all Touch Screen/Stylus or keyboard phones!
Views: 567757 | Popularity: 194092
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Added: 23.12.2009
In the nearest future corporations extracting energy resources will rule the world. However, the complexity of resource extraction provokes raising their costs. In order to monopolize the market and lower commodity prices "Our Resources" corporation applied to illegal and anti-human actions: it created cloned workers and the hired staff was replaced by them. Clones don't suspect anything about the existence of the external world, but working in inhuman conditions provoked a revolt ... You will have to fight for your freedom,among other brave souls . The game includes a full Single player (a single game to be passed) and a unique technology of a team Multiplayer - (playing together) via BlueTooth channel! Clone 3D main features:
  • 3D first-person shooter;
  • 3D graphics for all phones;
  • 3D models of objects and characters;
  • team technology of AI (artificial intelligence) bots;
  • opportunity to play a complete game via BlueTooth (team Deathmatch);
  • foundations of modern computer and console "3D render" are implemented;
  • technology of photo-textures realization is applied;
  • lighting, shades, partial shades, flashed;
  • 12 full 3D levels and objects;
  • 4 types of weapons (pistol, shotgun, M16 machine, rocket launcher);
  • reloading of the weapons;
  • realistic ballistics (type, range, power, performance, cartridge belt, hit);
  • tracing of the bullets and gun shots.
Views: 592770 | Popularity: 317180
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Added: 21.12.2009
Here it is, a welcome continuation of a football manager! You will again have an opportunity to plunge into the football battles of the Russian championship, as well as of the European cups. Now you can take part in the online ranking of the players and prove to everyone that you are the best manager! In the new game, besides the clubs of the Premier League and First League, 80 clubs of the Second Division will be available to you. In addition,two game modes were added: "Simple Game" and "Way Up". Choose one of the minor league clubs and bring it to the leadership of the national football! You can find the optimal composition of more than 4,000 domestic and foreign players. Moreover, you have an opportunity to acquire not only the leading Russian players, but also the stars of the foreign clubs! Do not forget that you can still train homegrown talents to spend club budget more rationally. Now you can watch broadcasts of your matches, draw conclusions from what you see and correct the match by substitutions and changes in the placement, tactics, aggression, attack vectors ... Use limitless possibilities for managing your club and climb to the summit of Russian and European football! Become the best football top manager! PLAY RUSSIAN FOOTBALL!
Views: 298375 | Popularity: 112140
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Added: 08.12.2009
All football fans have a unique opportunity to get into the thick of the fight for all most prestigious football trophies. Choose your favorite club, and bring it to unbelievable heights, both at home and on the European scene. It is in your power to do a real super club from the usual "middle one"! Become the best in your country, win the Champions League and UEFA Super Cup! Everything is in your hands!!! More than 200 teams of six football championships - Russia, Ukraine, England, Spain, Italy and Germany are at your disposal! Unusually rich transfer market allows you to choose the players for the reinforcement from any European Championship, and an easy search with help of the scouts will allow you to find the players, whom you definitely need. The construction of youth sports school gives an opportunity to grow your own young students, whom you can then give out,so they obtain skills and experience, and return to you being ready-made professionals! Build the club's training base, hire a coach and coordinate the training process at your discretion to achieve the most rapid progress with the players. Improve the health center of the team to prevent or heal the injuries of the players quickly and more efficiently. Adjust the playing schemes of your team to the peculiarities of your players and use their strengths most effectively! Detailed statistics of all matches played in the season will be at your disposal, that will allow to analyze the success of a game concept. And if the opponent is too strong, or your team was weakened by the injuries, then you have an opportunity to weave football intrigues or, for example, to "work" with the judges ... No holds barred to win the victory! And they are all in your hands! Innovations compared to "Football Manager 2008":
  • age of the players data input;
  • players obtained a full set of skills that determine the ability to play at each position of the field;
  • arbitrary placement of the players in the field;
  • more flexible tactics determination for the match;
  • transfer windows introduction twice in a season;
  • search of players realized by scouts;
  • youth team introduction;
  • possibility to rent the players;
  • building training facilities,
  • construction of the medical center, children's school and stadium complex;
  • hiring staff for the club;
  • clubs having their status that determines their prestige;
  • possibility of "backroom games" and "work" with the judges;
  • Hall of Fame with all the trophies won in your career;
  • ability to save games on the server;
  • calendar of events and an opportunity to see matches of the parallel championships;
  • detailed reports on all your matches in a season;
  • opportunity to play for clubs in Russia, Ukraine, England, Spain, Italy and Germany!!!
  • pre-season training camps and friendlies in the training camps.
And this is far from a complete list!
Views: 307806 | Popularity: 145807
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Added: 07.12.2009
Gear Games Company released a continuation of real-time strategy Art Of War, that once became a blockbuster and was in the highest positions in almost all sales rankings for a long time. The action takes place in the near future (but with another, different past), where a Global Confederation rules the Earth. In the first episode you play as a general of Confederation Army who is to quell a mutiny that suddenly broke out in South America. The creators of Gear Games company have put together all the experience of creation of real-time strategy for mobile phones, accumulated during last 4 years, that is why Art Of War 2 promises to be the most powerful representative of the genre. Art of War: Global Confederation game features:
  • Modern beautiful 3D-rendered graphics;
  • 7 campaign missions in different locations from the Amazon jungle to the mountain ranges of the Andes;
  • An abundance of equipment, structures and upgrades;
  • Each party has a unique technology with its battle features;
  • Each party has a strategy of engagement;
  • The highest dynamics of the game;
  • A possibility to download additional levels from the server;
  • Online-rating of the best generals.
  • Views: 775274 | Popularity: 295376
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    Added: 04.12.2009
    "ANTIKILLER MOBILE" game combines the latest authorial technology and a successful movie brand. The game creates a new genre of mobile games similar in style to the best-selling computer games "GTA 1" and "GTA 2," and today it has no analogues at the market of mobile entertainment. Major Korenev, a former criminal investigator, nicknamed Fox is released from prison and plans to start a new life. But when faced with incredible criminal lawlessness that reigned in the city, and the deaths of his friends, he decided to make an order by not always legal, but fair methods ... Depending on the mission, the player will need to either drive or walk around the city. During the game the user will act as the main character of the movie - Fox (Gosha Kutsenko), and in the roles of other characters: Barkas (the leader of organized crime), Kent (one of the bandits of Barkas), Metis (the charismatic bandit performing the orders of Shaman), Litvinov (commander of the SWAT), Ambal (chief anti-hero, complete bully and chaos creator). We could not resist the temptation to use one of the characters of the game in the final mission, namely Tamara - "a girl of easy virtue." Antikiller game features:
    • 25 video clips from the film, describing the current events;
    • Modern tech graphics engine (light and shadows, particle system, physics, high detalization of the objects);
    • 11 levels, repeating the surroundings and events of the film at maximum;
    • Controlling 6 characters from the movie, participation in the mass missions (wall to wall);
    • Original musical composition for each level, repeating the soundtrack of the film;
    • Real drive from vehicle controls in the game;
    • Possibility of breaking the cars in a realistic manner;
    • Lots of special effects: explosions, grenade pieces, bullet tracers, particle (blood sprays,soil, smoke, sparks, pieces of cars, tracks from the wheels). - Infighting, fighting with arm blanche and using several types of firearms and grenade are implemented;
    • Dynamic camera ("smart camera"): changes the height and increases the overview depending on the game situation;
    • realistic daylight with the shadows of the buildings and facilities. The shadows are thrown upon the hero, cars, etc.;
    • Technology of the relief reflection and lighting of the surfaces. For the first time in mobile 3D-games the technology of mirrors is implemented!
    • Game contains thousands of different types of the objects: trees, utility poles, electrical wires, buildings, cars on rails, cargo cranes, constructions, fences, containers, prison bunks, telephone booths, etc;
    • Game includes support for smartphones and mobile phones with touch screens;
    • Artificial intelligence: a virtual vision, hearing (the enemies pay attention to the shots, explosions, fights, collisions) and imitation of emotions (a fierce attack, calmness, escape, attempt to keep the optimal distance to the target taking into consideration the situation and arms). The enemies can throw the grenades back from them, jump back out of the zone of the explosion. The companions can protect the main character, follow him during the mission;
    • realistic physical engine: simulation of vehicle performance, a realistic response of the car to the wheel rotation, while driving at high speeds the air resistance is taken into account. Traffic curbs and pits have a physical impact on the behavior of the car. The weight of the cars is taken into account,as well as the height, strength of separate elements (for example, glass and the hood are damaged in accordance with the actual counterparts). The coefficient of friction in case of different surfaces (asphalt, dirt, grass, sand) is taken into consideration. Qualitative physical characteristics of collisions of the cars with each other and with other objects during the level are implemented.
    Views: 587980 | Popularity: 121136
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    Added: 02.12.2009
    Have you always dreamed of your dog, but it was not possible or your mother didn't allow you to have it? Then choose a virtual cute puppy and play with it as if it were real! In this funny and exciting game you have to take care of a little puppy. He runs, walks down the street, playing with a ball and eats from a bowl. And it can be taken to the competition and win prizes! For him to be healthy and happy, you should not forget to buy him food, toys and much more! To make purchases you must promptly fill your purse, sending SMS. Make your dog the happiest little dog in the world! Give him your love and care. P.S. And you will have no dog hair allergy!
    Views: 2746339 | Popularity: 1077007
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    Added: 19.11.2009
    Gear Games company presents the second episode of the popular Real-Time Strategy Art Of War 2 called Liberation Of Peru. This time you have to pass a campaign for the rebels. The action in the game takes place half a year after the defeat of the army of the Resistance. The whole territory of Peru is under the control of the Confederacy. But the rebels did not give up. They took refuge in the jungles of the Amazon, gained strength again and are ready to fight to liberate their homeland from the bourgeois oppression. In the role of General Jose Monteros you have to head the Liberation Army of Peru and to complete the work started by his brother Miguel. The world of tomorrow depends on your decisive actions! To achieve the goal you have to perform 7 missions of the campaign in different areas. A great variety of equipment, installations and upgrades are presented in the game. Moreover,each side has unique equipment with its military characteristics and, consequently, its own tactics of the warfare. High dynamic game will not let you get bored during the whole campaign. And if the missions of the campaign will be not enough, you can download additional single missions from the server. And, of course, the best generals will be able to send the results to the server and compete for the first place in the table of records. But that's not all! Now there is a great opportunity to fight with your friends via Bluetooth! This game mode will bring a lot of unforgettable experiences to all fans of RTS genre! Art Of War 2 Liberation of Peru game features:
    • unique dynamic gameplay;
    • beautiful modern 3D-rendered graphics;
    • many units and upgrades that are unique for each of the parties;
    • 7 missions of a campaign;
    • more than 20 additional maps for a simple game;
    • over 20 additional maps for a network game;
    • online rating of the top players;
    • network game via Bluetooth.
    Views: 849363 | Popularity: 278857
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    Added: 10.11.2009
    Hello. I am a cat. I'm looking for the owner, who will accept me as I am (and will feed me with tasty things, buy a tape recorder, a radio control helicopter and comb out all the fleas). I think you'll like my big apartment. However, now it's pretty boring, but you can decorate it to your taste! Instead there I have cool mini-games, we can play them and compete with the owners of other cats! If you have Bluetooth, you can give me to your friend for a while, and take his cat instead. As we have to rest from each other from time to time! Bags only, then return me back to you! I am a constant lover, that's for sure. My friends say that I'm an artistic, and totally crazy creature. I think that they're right. I love to grimace and create insanity! You'll see that you won't get bored with me! My future boss, I'm talking to you. If you want to take part in the life of a lonely cat, you want to be his friend and protector, if you want to feed him with meat (mostly), fish and ice cream, then hurry up! I'm dying of hunger! Your future cat doesn't have a name yet.
    Views: 2353871 | Popularity: 584707
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