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Courage the Cowardly Dog: Haunted House
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Game description:

You have supernatural powers which can be used against your enemies. Collect pies and this will give you extra points. Use your supernatural skills and light a fire to prevent the monsters from eating you and your friends. You can play this game online also.

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Texas Poker
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Game description:

Poker Texas Holdem - is the most popular card game in the world! The newest online MobiLeap Poker can be played by up to 10 players at the same time at one table. The game offers great veriety of tables and stakes. It also has a detailed rules description and seniority of the poker combinations.

A mobile online poker from JagPlay – offers cash games, tournaments and modern graphics. Play, communicate, make new friends in from your city or your country – all this is possible with JagPlay Poker!
The game can be played for virtual money as well as for real money. Money withdrawal from the game is not possible.

Attention! The game requires Internet connection!

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Box + Touch Screen
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Game description:

You have a unique chance to demonstrate your intellect in this new brain twister game. Accept the challenge! The game offers excellent graphics, bright backgrounds, handy operation and support of all Touch Screen mobiles. You can demonstrate your wit and attentiveness on more than 50 levels of this game. We guarantee fascinating tasks and lots of fun!
Open your Box!

Game features:

  • Comletely supports all Touch Screen/Stylus mobiles
  • More than 50 levels
  • 2 types of elements: Classic and funny faces
  • Lots of different tasks: A certain color, group of colors, 4-Combo, freeze, release from captivity, unmovable blocks, bombs, limited time, limited moves, tetris, reverse gravity, jet rockets, double locks, element rotation, accelerators, game for points, color grouping and many others.
  • Interactive training and level task
  • You can save the game any time
  • Extremely beautiful and bright animation
  • High quality sound effects
  • Online records table

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Entis Online
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Genres:RPG, Action
Game description:

This is a multiplayer mobile game from a popular Entis Fantasy series.
From now and on the interactive playing world of Entis, full of magic and exciting adventures is available to all owners of mobile devices!

Entis Online, which has preserved best series traditions will open unknown pages of the epic saga about the land of Great Dragon and will introduce a huge magic universe having improved graphics and new vast territories. Just like in the previous parts, the players will meet magic monsters and characters and, of course, real people with whom they can not just communicate and exchange useful things, but also defeat especially dangerous enemies together with them.

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Game description:

Join the rich history of the fighting victories of Qianlong province. You are going to visit a faraway Guangming Ding, a mysterious underwater city, and a noisy Nanjing. The game has five character categories: warrior, aska, archer, magician, assassin. There are two races: elves and humans. It doesn’t require the internet point adjustment. Only the game menu is translated, the quests are in Chinese and can’t be translated as the game servers are Chinese. This is an excellent MMORG made by the professionals of this genre from China. As usually, the game has high quality graphics. Real time battles will not let you feel bored as well. Different skills, professions, clothes and many other things attract online players to play this game.

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AquaSim 3D
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Game description:

AquaSim 3D: experience a real 3D submersion!

The biggest aquarium in the world AquaSim now widened the reality borders and reborn in three dimensions! Are you ready to plunge into this exciting, fantastic underwater world and to make your home at the sea bottom among flowering corals, in order to take care of this isolated paradise place togetherwith hundreds of its various inhabitants? Then start the submersion!

Main features:

  • Charming entourage of the exotic coral reef executed in high quality 3D realization;
  • Rich catalogs inside the game to create the unique aquarium;
  • Many kinds of exotic fishes and animals;
  • AI: few kinds of pet’s characters were realized: from aggressive to fearful, this makes their behavior an authentic one;
  • Mini-tasks to create more dynamics and fascination;
  • supports touch sensitive screens;
  • Online ratings and rewards.

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Mobile Poker Club Online
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Game description:

You can play Texas hold 'em poker game everywhere. Mobile poker differs from other mobile games because it not only helps to kill time while you are waiting for your turn or going somewhere but it gives you real excitement, drive and luck. Gameplay features: - handy interface created especially for mobile devices - optimized economy traffic – constant connection – multilanguage – regular updates and big community. You play for game money, i.e. for free. The producer promises to offer the option of playing for real money in the future.

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Gedda Headz
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Game description:

In the game you will play with real people via I-net or with you friends via Bluetooth. The game possesses system of the ranks and leaders’ board. Initially you have 3 mini-games and one Headz (one character) open. You may buy characters from Store Nokia, 3 mini-games and 42 Headz altogether. You may communicate in chat, publish your location, get achievements, write about your victories in Facebook, write about your mood and many other things!

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Real Ski Jumping 2011
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Game description:

Compete with the gamers from all over the world and record your best results in on-line table. Each ski jump has its records. Try to fly as far as possible, but take into consideration weather conditions, that influence your jumps much.

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Game description:

Mobitva  is a dynamic and absorbing free online-RPG for mobiles. Advance the fascinating plot shoulder to shoulder with dozens of thousands of other players, fight with various monsters and real rivals. Explore a vast and constantly expanding game world and its possibilities! Become a chief of your tribe or become a member of one of hundreds already existing ones and bring it to fame!

Game features:


  • Fully animated battles
  • Simple and convenient combat system
  • Two opposing peoples
  • Dozens of gaming locations
  • Various styles of combat and battle capabilities
  • A possibility of changing the style of fighting without creating a new character
  • Easy chat and mail
  • Constant tournaments and duels between players
  • Clans and wars for land
  • More than 600 unique items of equipment
  • More than 400 monsters
  • Hundreds of interesting jobs
  • Constant additions

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