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Added: 01-17-2015
Votes: 33

Journey to the west - is an excellent MMORPG from Vietnamese developers. The game is based on the same named film. Take part in the epic adventures of a character and compete with other players from all over the world!

Game features:

  • 3 fractions, 9 races, 3 classes of characters
  • You can catch any creature and make it your assistant in the fight
  • Well considered step by step battles
  • Handy intergame chat
Views: 79 149
Popularity: 14 443
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Added: 12-11-2014
Votes: 53

Avatar world online - you can meet with your friends in the park, work at your farm, go to Hawaii or fish. Each location has wonderful graphics. Try this absorbing game!

Game features:

  • More than 100 suits, special things and presents
  • Regular game events
  • You can communicate and interact with other players

Views: 74 433
Popularity: 20 259
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Added: 12-10-2014
Votes: 103

Dragon ball online - show your skills of a warrior taking part in tournaments and going through various trials. This game will give you hundreds of different skills and special things for your personality!

Game features:

  • Huge world to examine
  • Big number of monsters, quests and other players
  • Wonderful graphics and sound effects


Views: 234 991
Popularity: 77 846
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Added: 09-11-2013

Galaxy - is a social networks of the new generation, with unique characters, on-line games and new acquaintances. Download free application to your mobile and plunge into a fascinating Galaxy world! More than 20 000 000 users are waiting for you! Registration is free of charge!

Galaxy offers the following resources:

  • Create new character
  • Make your planet popular
  • Send SMS
  • Place pictures
  • Play online games
  • Arrange weddings
  • Get pets
  • Participate in competitions
  • Make new friends
  • And this is not all!

Galaxy is a virtual communication world in your mobile!

Views: 143 909
Popularity: 27 738
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Added: 11-30-2012
Votes: 122

CellCity - is a virtual world for the mobile owners. You can communicate, buy products, get job and many other things in this online game. Make new friends, get acquainted with new people. Start from the very beginning and reach everything you can.

Views: 117 243
Popularity: 18 424
Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
Added: 11-05-2012

This is the NEW return of the legend! A real dream of all Soviet children!
The favorite game got new colors and became even more interesting and attractive.
You just must have a funny animated wolf catching eggs in your mobile.
We guarantee 100% pleasure, you won’t feel bored!!! The game is developed for all touch sensitive (Touch Screen and Stylus and keyboard) mobiles.

Game features:

  • Full support of touch sensitive /Touch Screen/Stylus and keyboard mobiles;
  • Game modes: classic (classic game version) and modern (absolutely new game style)
  • You can adjust the difficulty level: «А game» – easy (3 trays), «B game» – difficult (4 trays)
  • The graphics is even better, the animation is juicier
  • Many locations: “Stadium”, “Сity”, “Hawaii”, “Forest”, “Field”, “Frozen river”
  • The difficulty increases gradually
  • A very interesting modern mode (bonuses, antibonuses)
  • Clearance of fine points after you get 200 points and further multiples of 500 points
  • Lots of soundtracks which don’t let you forget which game you are playing not for a second
  • You can save the game any time
  • UNIQUE system of ON-LINE statistics
Views: 647 165
Popularity: 208 754
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Added: 08-19-2012
Votes: 111

In Special Mission Units game you can apply your wide range of military units to different locations and test your commander skills in the much promising missions. Players can fight against different armies in different parts of the world fulfilling various missions. There are several main missions, methods to test the strategy skills. Players can test their strategy skills playing online against other players all over the world. They can also compete with the friends in one mobile.

Views: 229 700
Popularity: 35 835
Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
Added: 08-16-2012
Votes: 70

Another board game version reached your mobiles! The rules are easy, throw virtual dice and move chips to the square box of your color. You can play this game alone and you can also invite you friends to take part in this exciting competition!

Game versions:

-Online through the Internet;

-With friends through Bluetooth.

Views: 87 373
Popularity: 22 823
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Added: 07-30-2012
Votes: 64

Online game I Fighters Club (I-Club) is the world of magic and spectacular fights in your mobile! Are you ready to become a Trainer for one of the Imons living in this world? Then you are going to meet cute characters, fascinating battles, secret magic and universe full of secrets. Watch the condition of your imon, feed him, take care of him and he will demonstrate his power in the battles against monsters or players (up to eight players can take part in the battle). As you develop you can study magic scrolls, create ammunition and weapons, joint the powerful guild and make it the leader of the others.

Views: 67 836
Popularity: 10 368
Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
Added: 06-24-2012
Votes: 70

This is a multiplayer online game for mobile devices. It is one of the most ancient and probably the most intellectual game for two players. You can play this game in your mobiles together with your friend through the Internet. The engine of this version doesn't use http-protocol and is optimized in the way to offer you maximum speed and minimum internet-traffic (at the average, one game set consumes less than 5 kilobytes of the total traffic).

Views: 153 962
Popularity: 19 270
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