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Element 3
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Game description:

This is an excellent puzzle, in which you will have to use your brains!
You have a lost element and your task is to find its place at each level!

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Earth сalling
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Game description:

Have you ever dreamed to become a superhero? The wishes come true! Save your home planet from the meteorite rain! The aim of the game is to destroy the meteorites of your opponent. Shoot at them and try not to miss. You can play this game together with your friend in one mobile!

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Blitz match
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Genres:Arcade, Logic
Game description:

Blitz match is a game and a puzzle for all who like to match and combine pictures. This game will test your quick wit – play together! Test the speed of your reaction and attentiveness. Press the thing you see on your side and on the side of your opponent. Be the first! You will get one point in case you win the level and you will lose one point in case you lose the level. Get 10 points and you are the winner!
Blitz match is a competition for friends!

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Greyhound racing multiplayer
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Game description:

Dog race is not very popular in our country, though on the West it was considered to be a kings sports as well as hunting. In this game you have a chance to join a captivating world of dog race, trainings, stakes and excitement! You can play alone as well as on the net. You start you career having 500 dollars in the pocket and you can become extremely rich if you choose the correct tactics and make correct stakes at sweepstakes!

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Game description:

Galaxy - is a social networks of the new generation, with unique characters, on-line games and new acquaintances. Download free application to your mobile and plunge into a fascinating Galaxy world! More than 20 000 000 users are waiting for you! Registration is free of charge!

Galaxy offers the following resources:

  • Create new character
  • Make your planet popular
  • Send SMS
  • Place pictures
  • Play online games
  • Arrange weddings
  • Get pets
  • Participate in competitions
  • Make new friends
  • And this is not all!

Galaxy is a virtual communication world in your mobile!

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Soccer 3D
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Game description:

Soccer 3D - is a realistic soccer simulator. Choose any team from a great number of available countries. Train your skills playing single matches against one of the countries. Buy the best players, taking part in tournaments against one of the groups of seven teams. Play with your friends through Bluetooth. You can adjust the settings of the game: camera view, difficulty, time of the game.

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Game description:

Kniffel - is a game in which you will take turns in throwing dice till you get some certain amount of points. You can play alone against a computer as well as with your friends in the same mobile. Up to 4 players can play in one mobile. This is a simple game with beautiful graphics.

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Tanks Pro
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Genres:Arcade, Action
Game description:

Plunge into the world of real tank battle!
Legendary “Tanks” which won the hearts of millions, will give you unforgettable pleasure in the new super game «Tanks Pro». The battles take place in the beautiful theme levels having realistic graphics, lots of effects, tank upgrade and modernization, weapons research and many bonuses. Wonderful game through Bluetooth with the real opponent will bring lots of emotions and victories while playing with your friends.
Full support of all Touch Screen/Stylus and other mobiles!

Game features:

  • Full support of Touch Screen/Stylus telephones
  • Full-fledged game through BlueTooth with a partner
  • 30 missions
  • More than 33 kinds of weapons and bonuses
  • Classic campaign
  • Survival and training modes
  • Automatic change of locations
  • 14 types of research
  • 10 bonus objects
  • More than 17 kinds of weapons
  • Saving mode
  • Incredibly beautiful animation
  • High quality sound effects
  • Full game statistics
  • Online records table
  • The project is executed in Russian

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Kraze: The Unlimited Racing 3D
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Game description:

Would you like to play 3D racing game in your weak mobile? To take part in the international car racing with no rules? Just imagine that you have such a chance. Moreover, it has improved graphics! You can enjoy driving improved racing cars in your mobile.

How about to arrange extreme racing along the streets of night city, or to rush risking your life along mountainous turns or to have a large-scale pursue in a desert? In this racing you need to try to get to the finish line at least. And who knows, maybe you will be the luckiest guy in this racing!

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Manic Monkey Pool
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Game description:

This is a funny and bright pool with monkeys. We all know that pool is a game in which you need to roll the balls into holes according to the rules, but everything is different in this game as you play with little monkeys which refuse to play according to the rules. In this game you can roll balls into any holes and the rule “the winner is the one who rolls the ball into the hole first” doesn’t work here. You can play this game with the computer and taking turns with your friends and of course you can play through Bluetooth.

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