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Added: 07-02-2013

This is the most unusual golf simulator: playing areas are covered with ice and the ball does not decrease speed. Here you will observe railed passages in different parts of the level, various obstacles and accelerating tracks, 15 playing fields, several types of sticks in one game and this is not all! Different types of field surface and game partners – all this is Modern Golf Club.

Views: 58228
Popularity: 9516
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Added: 06-15-2013
Votes: 9

Join Vijay Singh and play golf in tropics, where everything influences the game process to great extend. Simple gameplay system, professional growth in a career mode, following skills and achievements of the player – all this is Pro Golf 2007 feat. Vijay Singh . Vijay Singh is going to teach you how to play at his trainings and give good advice for any game situation.

Views: 20034
Popularity: 4215
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Added: 05-11-2013
Votes: 23

This is the first time for all the history of Tiger Woods PGA Tour EA Tiburon series existence when a person connected to a golf world was invited to work on the new part of the game. This is not a regular player, this is Hank Haney a well known golf player, personal trainer of Tiger Woods. Hank is a manager of the project, during the developing process he was responsible for game modes. Tutorial was remade completely. From now on tutorials are controlled by a virtual Haney. He will help the beginners to improve strength and accuracy of a hit, teach how to choose a good stick depending on the landscape of a playing field. Each situation will be explained by Haney, who will also give you a good advice.

Views: 30671
Popularity: 6168
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Added: 07-05-2012
Votes: 52

Play in the Gopher golf club where your personal gopher will help you in this game. This rodent will help you to improve your golf playing skills and become a real professional golf player. 

Views: 22657
Popularity: 3262
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Added: 06-14-2012
Votes: 70

This is a mini golf game having the atmosphere of the real casino. Gameplay also allows to use other casino means - slot-machines, tower of power, the ball can collect coins from the playing field - all this will bring you extra points.

Views: 35505
Popularity: 8968
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Added: 05-10-2012
Votes: 124

This is a "Worms golf" modification. Now you can observe a beautiful wood with river in the background. The game offers more levels and absolutely new menu.

Views: 87186
Popularity: 16743
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Added: 04-20-2012
Votes: 60

A family of monkeys which you used to meet in Sega playing consoles will teach you how to play mini golf with the help of their favorite bananas. Everything is not that easy: at the beginning of each path you will have some certain amounts of ball hits, which you will observe in the form of bananas. When you have no more bananas – the game is over. You can enlarge the supply of bananas during the game if you collect monkey fruits thrown about the paths. By the way, you don’t need to get the ball into the hole, but to hit a certain place in the path, which is harder as the ball strives to roll away from that place.

Views: 17397
Popularity: 1577
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Added: 02-22-2012
Votes: 83

  Mini golf  game will charm you with amazing graphics and quality control. You will take part in interesting golf-competitions. A huge number of bonuses and obstacles make the game amazing. Your task is– to hole out. It will be difficult to make it as various obstacles will prevent you from doing it. To gain the maximum number of points you have to hole out in as few strokes as possible.  
All the levels of the game are connected to an amusement park; beautiful nature, vivid colours will not let you get bored!  
In general, I recommend   to download mini-golf and enjoy passing of 99 captivating golf courses! 

Mini Golf 99 holes game features: 

  • Great graphics and easy control
  • 99 unique golf courses 
  • Excellent game physics 
  • Lots of bonuses and high-quality sound
Views: 46020
Popularity: 14390
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Added: 05-09-2011
Votes: 108
Test your skills of golf in the snow! Bunker the balls in all 18 holes in the field. Every hole is getting harder and harder to get into it with 1, 2 or even 3 times! But the more you play - the more experience you can get. Avoid the slippery ice and sticky snow!
Views: 60861
Popularity: 10283
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