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Durak 2 Interactive
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Game description:

This is the continuation of your favorite game Durak Interacive-2

Your opponent became even smarter, sexier and more interesting now.
You will play popular card game Durak with the most charming and sexiest girl.
The owner of sharp and caustic tongue, which overcomes you in the most interesting moments :)
Your opponent possesses lots of irresistible feminine characteristics, and it will be very interesting for you to study them!

Main features:

  • absolue interactiveness of the game with a partner;
  • multiple reality;
  • classic rules of throw-in card Durak game;
  • possibility to save the game any moment;
  • you can switch off phrases and comments;
  • you can switch off your interactive opponent;
  • growing of opponent’s experience;
  • sound effects

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Pub Slots
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Game description:

What if you try to win jackpot with no risk to lose all your money which were aimed for a glass of excellent frothy beer!
Download this “fruit bandit” to your mobile and enjoy this inflammatory game.
Turn the drums, stop them in the necessary moment and let the luck be on your side today! But luck is not the only important thing in this game: if you really decided to win jackpot you must learn how to operate mini games really artfully!

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Mobile Poker Club Online
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Game description:

You can play Texas hold 'em poker game everywhere. Mobile poker differs from other mobile games because it not only helps to kill time while you are waiting for your turn or going somewhere but it gives you real excitement, drive and luck. Gameplay features: - handy interface created especially for mobile devices - optimized economy traffic – constant connection – multilanguage – regular updates and big community. You play for game money, i.e. for free. The producer promises to offer the option of playing for real money in the future.

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Million Dollar Poker
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Game description:

In Million Dollar Poker were successfully combined strategies of Gus Hansen and information input for creating one of the most interesting games, which absorbs a gamers’ intellect. 

Gus Hansen has provided his knowledge to the game that gives the players the most realistic poker experience that has ever came out on mobile phones. It is more than a simple poker game. Million Dollar Poker posesses a new and advanced artificial intelligence, which is always evolving and challenging the player.



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Platinum Solitaire
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Game description:

Platinum Solitaire Platinum Solitaire is a new variant of at all times well-known classic card game. The attraction of the solitaire is also in grandiosity of settings the game takes place in. You have a great opportunity to become a visitor of such popular casinos of the world as La Grande Folie, Venezia, Sphinx Hall и Paradise Island!

Several playing modes will be offered to you. For the players who want to while away the time with a fascinating and well-known card game, there exists an amusing Quickplay mode, which will brighten up slowly crawling time and you won’t notice the time passing by. For more experienced players there is a Casino mode in the game, with the possibility to stake on and with the chance to break the jackpot, on conditions that you possess the necessary level of professionalism.

What is even more pleasant, each casino offers its own unique game. Become a winner of such a game and you will get a terrific bonus! Except of this you may win a sufficient amount of money and unblock new surroundings!

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Playboy Pinball
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Game description:

A magnificent cocktail of a colourful pinball and Playboy sexy girls, will give you unforgettable moments of temptation and excitement.  There is a party in Playboy mansion again– and you are on invitation list! All the hottest, the most charming and sexiest models of the most known man's magazine will gather here!  
To have something on is strictly forbidden. Make no delay, and play pinball to see all the charms of the beautiful girls!

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Game description:
Blackjack is a game, in which you try to score 21 point. Blackjack is popular in casinos and among amateurs. Blackjack requires patience, luck, intuition and a good brain to calculate the odds. The aim of the mobile Blackjack from Jarbull is to score 21 faster than the others. You are not allowed to score more than 21; you just have to score the number of points as closer to 21 as possible. Check your game strategy with Blackjack from Jarbull. Will the luck be with you?

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Fool -4 +Bluetooth
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Game description:
Try playing strip Fool with the sexiest beauties! They are not only incredibly hot, but are also very clever.
The girls like to win! ;)
But in the case of loss they will gladly demonstrate you their great bodies. You will have an opportunity to feel their tenderness and passion.
All the game long they will joke and flirt, trying to seduce you.
But if you let them win, be beware of their sharp tongues ;)

Spicy game features of Fool-4 + Bluetoth:
  • Support for Sensor/Touch Screen/Stylus phones
  • A possibility to play with one or two rivals
  • A sexy blonde
  • A passionate brunette
  • A full-fledged game via BlueTooth
  • A fully interactive game with your partner
  • Classic rules of "Card Fool"
  • Remarks and phrases deactivating
  • Change of the game background
  • Interactive rival deactivating
  • Raising of the opponent’s experience
  • Global on-line table of records
  • A possibility to save the game at any time
  • Soundtracks

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    Midnight Holdem Poker 3D
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    Game description:
    Midnight Holdem Poker in Las-Vegas- the world capital of gambling! Luxury casinos, the highest stakes, smoke of expensive cigars and the temptation of heat these are the components of this card game for your mobile! The best players of the world gathered at one table to play poker. Some people will feel the bitter taste of defeat, while someone may become a millionaire! Maybe it will be you ...

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    Genres:Gambling, Logic
    Game description:

    A gambling puzzle game called Poker just can not exist without a perfect motif: gorgeous babes ready to strip in front of you. There is only one condition exists; you have to raise rates and enlarge the gained sum. The more money you have, the more beauties!

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