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Dirty Jack: Sех in the city 2
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Features:Adult, Touchscreen
Game description:

Meet the continuation of the spicy adventures of a funny pickup guy. Have fun, flirt till the very morning and at the end seduce one of hot girls! Good luck to you, the assistant of Dirty Jack!

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Звезда Голливуда
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Game description:

In Hollywood Star you play as a young actor or an actress who has just arrived to Los-Angeles with the aim to make a career. Take acting lessons and find an agent to make a career on big screens. Take part in the high society life of the Hollywood, make your image and charm the “sharks” of show business despite jealous stares of your opponents!

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Neighbours from Hell: On vacation
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Game description:

This is a continuation of the famous game "Neighbors from Hell"!

In the first part Woody’s neighbor was really fed up with his nasty tricks and decided to have a rest. But what’s that?! Woody is still hunting his neighbor and tries to play dirty tricks on him. Help him in this uneasy work!

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High School Love: Trip
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Game description:

High School Love – is a humorous game in which you can choose which decisions you make. Each decision can influence the result of the game. Everyone will get pleasure playing this game thanks to easy and understandable interface. Imagine that you play the main role in your favorite film or series. Be ready to have an unforgettable excursion! Become an attractive girl or a cute guy and reveal the secrets of true love! In this game you will experience incredible adventure, its result depends only on you.

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Game description:

This game is based on the hit Russian movie which tells the story of four old friends which are involved in criminal. The gamestory repeats the plot of the original film. Four friends try to escape from criminals in the hijacked BMW (Bumer). They are chased by bandits, Federal Security Service and militia. Your task is to save these four from the armed bandits and law enforcement agencies. The game offers a diverse gameplay, you will experience racings, fights, hijacks and many other things.

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The Enchanted kingdom: Elisa's adventures
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Game description:

The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa's Adventure - is a puzzle game in which you will fight for your rights for throne. Elisa – is the true heir to the throne. As a child she lived in a peasant family where she was hidden by her parents from evil witch. The girl will courageously fight against the dragon and other enemies, collect resources to revive her kingdom.

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Counter-Strike 2 3D
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Game description:

This is a breathtaking continuation of the chronicles of the special forces fighter. Time has not changed old principles and tasks which are to be solved... Time has not changed the essence of the problem which can be solved only with your help!
The only thing which has changed – is your experience and fighting methods against terrorism.

Game features:

  • 3D graphics for all mobiles
  • you can play a full-blown game through BlueTooth (Deathmatch)
  • modern fundamentals of computer and console 3D render are applied
  • technology of photo textures realization is applied
  • lights inside the rooms, shades, half shades, flashes
  • 9 full-blown 3D levels and objects
  • missions of rescuing and evacuation of hostages, mine clearing
  • 11 kinds of weapons (including fragmentation and flash grenades)


  • Knife
  • USP
  • Python
  • Desert eagle
  • MP5
  • M4a1
  • AK-47
  • Dragunova
  • AWP
  • Flash grenade
  • Fragmentation grenade

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Detectives: Murder of a businessman
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Game description:

Here is the very first episode of the detective quests of the new generation: Criminal tales – Murder of a businessman. This is our area and we must provide order in it! Someone killed a businessman and you must investigate this cruel crime. You can choose one of the heroes: this can be a brave policeman or a beautiful investigation officer girl. Put questions to the witnesses, collect evidence and don’t be afraid to use your gun when you meet the murders. To be continued....

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Game description:

This is a new “Corsairs” game based on the well known computer game having the same name developed by Akella company.
Time and place of the events – «piracy» epoch in the Caribbean sea, between 1560 and 1720. Test your skills in “royal piracy” craft in this free of charge java game!
You can fight and rob enemy ships, getting the patent for it from the king of your country. It is not forbidden to lead peaceful trade, complete quests, search for mysterious treasures. But remember that the main task of the game is to get the victory in the battle for the sea supremacy.

Game features:

  • endless ocean space available for examination
  • you can play on the side of one of four countries
  • relative freedom of the action, you can be a peaceful merchant as well as a pirate
  • lots of extra tasks, which are not connected to the main task of the game
  • you can make your own treasures search
  • you can equip your ship on your own
  • unique system of the fight

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METRO 2032 Mobile
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Genres:RPG, Adventure
Game description:

The events of this game take us to the year of 2032. It was the year when the world was destroyed by nuclear war. The survived ones found shelter in the tunnels of Moscow metro. The world was covered with long and cold nuclear winter. Air was infected with radiation dust, clouds of this dust covered the sun and plunged it into an icy dream. You are one of the survived, the man of the “old world”.

Game features:

  • soundtracks from the original 2033 METRO game for PC
  • you can buy equipment, suits, weapons, armor and its upgrade
  • you can level up skills (rage, accuracy, endurance) leveling your character, equipment and armor
  • you can enter different fractions and groupings (hansa soldiers, gangsters, reich, sparta agents).
  • reputation, unique costumes for each grouping, headquarters and their capture (war between groupings)

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