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Added: 01-29-2011
Votes: 280
A simple partial black and white game named Snake that was previously installed for all phones, but now only for the cheapest ones, turns out to be necessary for someone in an era of Symbian, N-Gage and iPhone. In any case, little-known till known Inlogic software company counts for this: they released a game named Retro Snaker, which looks like it was run for the calculators even in the most fashionable phones. Black, white and green colors, the lack of the ultimate goal ... A real retro! Only one trend of our time is obvious in the game - Retro Snaker has an online table of records. The rest is absolutely similar to the ancient game of the mobile entertainment.
Views: 110 434
Popularity: 34 761
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Added: 01-29-2011
Votes: 406
Strains at work??You are sick and tired of your boss? Your mother-in-law drives your crazy?
Embed a hoop or two in them, and the stress will be over!

Male photos of your enemies with the camera of the phone and shoot! Use tomatoes in the extreme case :)
do not hide the insults within yourself - do not let stress get the better of you!
Views: 214 162
Popularity: 81 028
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Added: 01-28-2011
An excellent puzzle game, in which you have to use your brain! Once find yourself in the world of micro-particles, restore its order. A lost element is at your disposal.

Element II game features:

  • support of Touch Screen/Stylusphones
  • opportunity to play with one or two rivals
  • complete game via BlueTooth
  • more than 40 unique levels
  • range of more than 27 games Topics
  • Use arrows, teleports, controlled failures, slippery surfaces,etc. Other
  • Two game modes (normal and advanced)
  • colorful and animated design of the game - a diverse music
  • Hall of Fame (Scores) on-line and off-line
  • the project is executed in Russian Find your rightful place at each level! You will be able to fulfill these important missions together via BlueTooth link. You can use two modes in the game: regukar - more simple, in which we can not break out of the playing field, advanced -with complications, in which we should be careful to make every move, otherwise our element will be lost ...

  • Views: 424 955
    Popularity: 201 908
    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
    Added: 01-28-2011
    Votes: 263
    Marvin, the miner, a famous treasure seeker,seeks for the gold in the ancient cities of the Incas, that was lost in the jungle. The ruins of the city have been bewitched and Marvin should have a lot of effoerts and think properly to get out of there! 46 levels of this puzzle will carry you away, move the stone pillars to the required spaces and be afraid of the stakes that pop up from the java-game the underground! In the java-puzzle game you have to move the boxes to their place, if you make a mistake, then you will have an opportunity to reverse. More than 30 levels are available in the java-game.
    Views: 246 215
    Popularity: 77 630
    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
    Added: 01-27-2011
    Meet the Yumsrers! Settle them in your phone - and you will forget about boredom! Funny and charming creatures living in the burrows will not leave anyone indifferent. They love fruits so much that even participate in an international competition on eating them.You need to assemble a team super yamsters from different countries to win in this competition.

    Nyamsters game features:

  • 64 original levels
  • 7 funny nyamsters, each with its super-abilities
  • Awards for various achievements and on-line table of records
  • 2 game modes
  • seven colorful locations
  • A variety of bonuses
  • Excellent graphics and colorful special effects Your task is to manage the Yamsters pulling them out of the burrows to the food for them to eat as much as possible all the time. It's very important to watch for the flowers and fruits of the Yamsters!Funny flutors can eat only fruits of the same color as they are of. Use the superpowers and all sorts of the bonuses at the levels, deal with pests,do not let your Yamsters get bored and you will not only win the competition with them, but a lot of personal rewards as well!
  • Views: 488 149
    Popularity: 126 046
    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
    Added: 01-26-2011
    Votes: 119
    Odnoglazik and Foundling,the brothers, love to play and have fun together. Odnoglazik should toss Foundling in the air and not let him fall. Turning in the air and flying from one corner to another, foundling laughs merrily and catches various things that add points in the air. But Odnoglazik, the elder brother, should look after the kid for him not to swallow the skeletons that take the powers! Do you want to fool around with two short people and help the Foundling score the highest quantity of the points? Then go ahead, but bear in mind - the rate increases and you can not keep track of the foundling! Moreover, the game has a lot of bright, ever-changing screen savers, funny music, and easy one-button control.
    Views: 78 741
    Popularity: 23 700
    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
    Added: 01-26-2011
    Votes: 969
    Views: 617 157
    Popularity: 255 140
    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
    Added: 01-25-2011
    Votes: 209
    In Dewy Adventure you will have to help a small droplet of water save its world from the mysterious forces of darkness. You will find yourself in a world, where green forests grow under the watchful eye of a huge old tree. Malicious Don Gedron seized a tree and turned once vivid country into the dreary world immersed in darkness and fog. The wise tree creates a small droplet of water with the last bit of strength the named Davy and gives it he ability to control the forces of nature in the hope that Dewy can beat Don Gedron and save the country.
    Views: 147 105
    Popularity: 62 808
    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
    Added: 01-24-2011
    Votes: 184
    A strategic java-puzzle, in which you control a block, and your tasks is to bring it to the goal.
    Views: 162 179
    Popularity: 77 271
    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
    Added: 01-24-2011
    Votes: 1413
    This famous man is back to the screens of the mobiles! Excellent graphics and easy gameplay are in a java-game. A crime was commuted in the museum of a small town - someone stole the jewels, which formerly belonged to the emperor of the Roman Empire. Your task is to fight with the thieves to get all 9 gems back. This Java-game has a mode of "flip" at each level. You can change the color of the screen, thereby, to pass the level and find the key. Collect all the keys to open the doors and find nine necessary precious stones and help to get them back to the museum.
    Views: 643 387
    Popularity: 380 360
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