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Added: 06-06-2011
Votes: 223
It's a bloodbath in your mobile phone. When the hordes of bloodthirsty soldiers want to destroy you, only one thing is left - to kill or die. Start a deadly attack on an endless stream of enemies!
Views: 139552
Popularity: 53098
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Added: 06-05-2011
Votes: 234
Here you have a next racing simulator of Dakar Rally 2010 from EA Mobile company. In the new season we will face the same off-road racing, different classes of vehicles. Explore various parts of the earth, from Argentina to Chile, and find yourself again in Argentina.
Views: 178378
Popularity: 58835
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Added: 06-05-2011
Votes: 285
When the earth started,grizzled in a form of a huge funnel in the place of the African dictator's lair, Stirlitz did not even look back. Of course, he was taught at spy school that evil likes to pretend being dead dead and arise unexpectedly, and that even if you drop it into a cauldron of molten metal, it could easily jump from there, and then you will have to finish it with a butt. Blowing up the African bunker of Umput Stirlitz was convinced that he was dead - as far as terrible dictator can be dead after three control shots from a bazooka.

Features Stirlitz 3: Operation Umputatsiya game features:
  • Use a new top-secret military space suit with a built-in jet engine
  • fight with dangerous enemies and strangers
  • learn new ultramodern weapons
  • improve weapons and the armor between the levels;
  • Chase your opponent during 15 levels in the Arctics, sky labs and mysterious Sky City.
He had not seen that in several hours after he leaves an enormous shadow covered the funnel, and hundreds of flying creatures rushed down from the set of covers that opened in the metal belly of the huge flying object. He did not see how bizarre multilegged machines and the creatures controlling them in came to the surface on the site of the explosion, throwing sand, mixed with chunks of concrete.
Views: 160081
Popularity: 68768
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Added: 06-04-2011
Votes: 360
Now, gallant scout Stirlitz has to set off to Africa in the wake of the dictator, where he built up a spare base and has prepared more troops.
It's time for a fatal battle! Help Stirlitz to defeat Umput's troops and save the world from a dictator.

Stirlitz 2: Stirlitz Umput forever game features:
  • 15 levels of over 300 scenes
  • 3 worlds (desert, catacombs, underground bunker)
  • 12 - 17 opponents, depending on your phone
  • Opponents can use two types of stationary weapons
  • 4 types of weapon: two pistols, a gun, flame thrower and bazooka
  • Now Stirlitz can join a close combat (kick)
  • well elaborated physics of the game
  • Easy management, taking into account a particular phone
  • great humor
You will not be bored, because you should overcome fifteen levels in three completely different worlds, fight with absolutely new troops of the dictator and use the latest military developments. Sly Umput's fighters will not let you relax until your complete victory. Great graphics and sound add fun to a game.
Views: 172665
Popularity: 47812
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Added: 06-04-2011
Votes: 331
Stirlitz game, a merry walker for mobile phones, will allow you to immerse yourself in the fight against the treacherous dictator. Stop the madman and his soldiers. Help Stirlitz collect all the secrets and secret papers. You will not be bored, because you should go through fifteen levels in three completely different worlds of more than 300 screens.

Stirlitz: Umput uber alles game features:
  • 15 levels of more than 300 screens
  • 3 worlds (forest, underground bunker, the golden cave)
  • 10 - 13 opponents, depending on the model
  • Opponents can use stationary weapons
  • 3 types of weapons, two pistols, a flamethrower and bazooka
  • well-made physics of the game
  • Convenient management, taking into account the features of phones
  • great humor!
Mountains of various enemies, powerful weapons to destroy them and a great physics game engine - that's much different from other similar Stirlitz mobile games. And, of course, the traditional high-quality graphics from Qplaze TM.
Views: 129773
Popularity: 39364
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Added: 06-03-2011
Votes: 191
Martha, a cow, broke her leg, when she tried to jump on the trampoline. And now she in the hospital. She is bored and wants to return to her friends. Now all hope is for you, you should help poor Martha to get out of the hospital. Eliminate the obstacles in her path, such as wheelchairs and hospital beds. In each of the 21 levels it gets harder and harder. The game has an online list of records, where you can compete with players around the world.
Views: 92915
Popularity: 27504
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Added: 06-03-2011
Votes: 332
ApPlatformer in the style of Mario with a fairly various gameplay.
Only the main character here is a wild man, the woman of woman of whom was kidnapped by a terrible gorilla and he went on a journey to save his human female! The game is full of humor and classic places the passing of which takes long time in different parts of the map!
Views: 175616
Popularity: 44442
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Added: 06-02-2011
Votes: 454
In this game Toa Mahri is sent to search for the Mask of Life to the bottom of the deep ocean. But before we get it, they must compete with many dangerous and fearless creatures - servants of the Barraki! You will have to work hard, because each of the creatures has different powers and different vulnerabilities. You will have to open all six soldiers of Toa Mahri and the appropriate weapon to use the weaknesses of each creature in your favor.
Views: 317007
Popularity: 63639
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Added: 06-01-2011
Votes: 258
Your goal is to collect the chickens or you can just have fun, while avoiding various obstacles.

Take the work of an express delivery. Fast execution of orders - that's the main thing in this case. Many obstacles on the road try to slow down the execution of the task, but you are allowed to destroy everything that interferes with you completing the task. Just avoid the problem on the road in an extreme case, if it helps to deliver the goods on time. The game has a horizontal arrangement of the screen!
Views: 151931
Popularity: 42818
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Added: 06-01-2011
Votes: 144
Do you have enough courage to fight with the dragons and monsters to find the map of the greatest treasures in history? And, of course, if you are able to bypass the lava flows and control dragons.
WARNING! - if both versions don't work with you, go to the options in the game and turn off the sound and vibration before starting.
Views: 120205
Popularity: 45043
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