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Added: 04-26-2011
Votes: 391
Join Detective Ridley Maximilian and Darcy, his niece, in search of the relics of the ancestors, namely, an ancient medallion, which gives eternal life. Your searches will lead you to four places of the world, through many puzzles that you have to solve ..

Detective Ridley and the Mysterious Enigma features:
  • 50 complex puzzles and mysteries of all kinds: logic, attention, calculation, and much more
  • Adventures around the world in 5 locations including London, India and Japan
  • A large number of different characters, who can share the secrets
  • Great story with lots of puzzles
  • Adjustable difficulty: ff you get stuck with a puzzle, then you have the chance to choose a hint

Views: 247828
Popularity: 85047
Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
Added: 04-26-2011
New life of a classic board game known to every schoolboy. Use your cunning and ingenuity. Locate your fleet in a battle order, so that the opponent would not guess where your fleet is located! In "High Tech",the new mode, with new unique weapons the game gets even more interesting. Use the latest developments of the modern military equipment! Your opponent can be artificial intelligence of three kinds of complexity. A connection via BlueTooth offers the opportunity to fight with a real player. Write your NAME in the best global ON-LINE table of the world!

Battleship MODERN + Bluetooth:
  • Support of all Touch Screen/Stylus phones
  • Complete game via BlueTooth
  • 2 game modes: Classic (Classic Sea Battle), Hi-tech (with the New Regime opportunities)
  • Ability to play: single with MS (Singl player), via BlueTooth channel- Multiplayer
  • Newest features of the game: hits from the satellite, mines, radar, torpedoes, aircraft bombing , shot cruisers, captain - Kamikaze, napalm and other.
  • Dynamic and exciting gameplay
  • Unusual style and design
  • Generator the arrangement of the ships
  • Instant recording and downloading in a single game, and in a multiplayer
  • Lots of music and realistic sounds
  • Unique on-line statistics
  • The project was completed in the Russian language
P.S. The game is specifically designed for all sensory (Touch Screen/ Stylus) or keyboard phones. The game includes a full Single player (single-player game for passing it) and a unique technology pf Multiplayer - (a game for two people) for BlueTooth channel!
Views: 1344101
Popularity: 621926
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Added: 04-25-2011
Votes: 215
Baron Greenback came back and again Dangerous Mouse, the best secret agent in the world and his loyal but timid friend named Ernest Penu tackle the problem to stop the treacherous baron and interfere with his evil plans before it is too late.
Views: 140350
Popularity: 54815
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Added: 04-25-2011
Votes: 191
Save the Magic Kingdom of puzzles from the eternal darkness in 4 Elements - Puzzledom! A charming assortment of puzzles, 4 Elements of the brain abilities of Puzzledom correspond to three challenges, opening hidden rounds of an object, more than 30 colorful levels. Take this amazing journey to release the power of these four elements and drive away the darkness before Puzzledom is lost forever.
Views: 132186
Popularity: 46669
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Added: 04-24-2011
Votes: 177
In this espionage puzzle you have to play for the agent named Anna Diaz (Rosario Dawson). Look for clues, interrogate suspects and solve challenging puzzles in mini-games. You'll have to pick locks, disarm bombs, perform surgery, and more! Choose: shoot the door or pick the lock, depending on your choice you will earn trust or you will meet face to face with a mutant!Even getting the salary in this game is a complicated mission. And will you be able to crack the code?
Views: 129610
Popularity: 22176
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Added: 04-23-2011
Votes: 141
Here is a funny and addictive puzzle game created using the popular image of the Japanese crossword puzzles. Solve puzzles and collect your own collection of pictures. Your task is to paint or leave empty the cells according to the numbers in columns and rows of the puzzle, you end up with an encrypted image!
Views: 104000
Popularity: 38510
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Added: 04-23-2011
Votes: 161
It's an arcanoid. Just arcanoid. Use a variety of functions, such as a chain reaction, switch blocks, colored balls, and more! Earn points collecting more than 15 unique bonuses, including missiles, expander, protection, three balls and explosive "boom ball" for maximum destruction!
Views: 105793
Popularity: 50727
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Added: 04-22-2011
Votes: 1559
While Megatron is hiding after the disgraceful defeat of Fallen, Shokueyv,the Decepticon, the ruler of Cybertron, is preparing to visit the planet with absolutely negative intentions. The game takes place not only on the Earth, but on the Moon, a dark side of which keeps no less dark secrets.
Views: 726271
Popularity: 345693
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Added: 04-21-2011
The fear paralyzed the city. The birds' mafia is plundering and ruining the families of the cats. But our heroes do not sleep. At night, hungry cats go hunting.
Each of them - Claw, Flash, Mimolet, Behemoth, Boom - is endowed with special abilities. They are ready to blow up the reinforcements of the birds and flog their tails for the sake of the innocent kittens.
Become one of them and help the ctas' special troops to organize a warm welcome for evil birds! They need your logic, strategy and cold calculus. Hurry up, it's time to sharpen the claws!

Hungry Cats game features:
  • the best opportunity to test the worth of touchscreen phones
  • movement of the shells and the destruction of the facilities take place in accordance with the laws of physics
  • revolutionary special effects for j2me game
  • the most unusual "shells" with different abilities
  • all sorts of bonuses and online competitions
  • plenty of the levels, locations, scenes
Views: 697810
Popularity: 200691
Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
Added: 04-21-2011
Votes: 115
An exciting puzzle game that combines classic mazes and Snake!
Your task is to dig up a whole area at each level using a worm. Thus, it is necessary to pass each section only once and intersections - twice. Only then bright, colored flowers will bloom in the loosened land.
There are over 300 levels in the game that means that you will be fascinated by it for a long time and get a lot of fun!
Views: 86339
Popularity: 15318
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