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Added: 05-24-2011
Votes: 209
The Sultan is sad: the vizier have stolen all his wives! Help Sultan to get them back - he can no longer be at such a long abstinence! You have to overcome six original levels and release the kidnapped beauties in this adventure. Run and jump across the huge pit, rush through the doors to the traps, looking for the leverage that unblocks the door, blocking your path. The elixir of Life will help you in this difficult test! Your results are saved at each level - you have the ability to replay it again and improve.

Prince Of Persia: Harem Adventures game features:
  • Excellent animation of the characters
  • Simple and addictive gameplay
  • 7 original levels from the classic version of the game
Views: 191516
Popularity: 33749
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Added: 05-23-2011
Votes: 297
It's the most non-standard game from Disney. You should rotate the phone in different directions while playing. Pleasant management, hilarious gameplay and 10 mini-games with their own angle!
Views: 230905
Popularity: 78762
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Added: 05-22-2011
Votes: 113
Namco Arcade Golf offers a revolutionary approach to mini golf on your mobile phone combining all the entertainments of golf and the good old arcade games from Namco. Also in the game there are various obstacles, jumps, shock absorbers. Unlike other mini-golf, there is not only your accuracy is important, but a more important thing is how well you play bonus mini-games PAC-MAN, DIG DUG, and GALAXIAN.
Add. Information: already only because of the atmosphere of mini-games of dandy times it's worth playing this game!) and that is what golf fans love!
Views: 62196
Popularity: 20426
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Added: 05-21-2011
Votes: 141
35 crazy mazes of a magical and funny world that exists due to music wait for the hero, who is searching for stolen music notes and his kidnapped friend. An incomparable gameplay, stunning graphics and the coolest music will guarantee that you will never forget the days spent in this game.
Views: 66679
Popularity: 16547
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Added: 05-21-2011
Votes: 313
When Ben Tennyson found a mysterious device called "Omnitrix", he was able to turn into a few alien characters. Now an evil alien named Valgaks plans a full-scale invasion of the Earth to hunt down and capture "Omnitrix" of Ben.Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max, should save the world gain!
Help Ben to stop the invasion of Valgax using the power of your 10 space heroes!
Views: 214823
Popularity: 43452
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Added: 05-20-2011
Votes: 234
You can take part in the Grand Prix Speedway - one of the most popular two-wheeled racing on "iron horses" in this simulator. The powerful motorcycles of 4-stroke 6-cylinder engines of 500 cm3 take part in this speedawy. The races take place in the game according to the real rules on six racetracks that actually exist.

Speedway 3D game features:
  • New graphics engine, JSR 184 that provides stunning three-dimensional graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • The game is played according ot the official rules of a speedway
  • 2 game modes
  • 9 trails reproduced from the actually existing ones
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • Ability to upload your results to the server of the game
Participate in the championship or improve your record (beat another record) in a special mode named Ghost Racing. Three levels of difficulty make it possible to check the skill of driving a motorcycle of both professionals and beginners. In addition, there is a training mode that helps to get used to the gameplay and control. You can download your best results to the central server of the game and compare them with the achievements of other riders around the world.
Views: 212596
Popularity: 46375
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Added: 05-20-2011
Votes: 135
It's a sequel of the game called Lucky chance. With each new version there is an additional word in the title of the game.

EA cmpany has presented an interesting board game titled Trivial Pursuit Ultimate Master Edition for mobile phones. Originally the game was developed for the platform of the iPod /iPhone family, now the developers decided to please the owners of the mobile phones.
The game is very colorful and interesting. It has gained respect for the iPod /iPhone. Let's see what happens with the developers of the mobile version of Trivial Pursuit Ultimate Master Edition.
Views: 114946
Popularity: 17396
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Added: 05-19-2011
Votes: 565
It's 1944.
People have begun to disappear recently in the secret city of Ananerbe organization - Okkultstade- eventually the connection with the city was lost. Since the most secret investigations of Nazi Germany are led in this city, they have decided to send one of the best German soldiers named Cloud there. But they could not even think that he would be a Russian spy, and that all the secrets of Ananerbe would be available to the USSR. However, this city is teeming with the hordes of the undead corpses, who are victims of a failed experiment. Manage to survive in this hell and learn all the secrets of Ananerbe.

Zombie Infection 3: Nazi Zombies game features:
  • new textures (the graphic design was changed completely)
new high quality weapon
  • magnum
  • Thompson
  • mp40
  • gun
  • new AMR music
  • new level of complexity
  • new Nazi zombies
Views: 345726
Popularity: 83129
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Added: 05-18-2011
Votes: 1217
Gravity Defied Clear Sky is a mod of Gravity Defied known to everybody that includes:
  • 111 routes that make you think hard and train your sense of patience and dexterity
  • Changed menu, new name, blue background, the increased gravity
  • Huge amount of time to pass the game, etc.

Gravity Defied Clear Sky is a new challenge for the fans of the mountain biking!
Views: 497237
Popularity: 304858
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Added: 05-18-2011
Votes: 172
The mega pack of the games 5 in 1 pressuring your brain. Compete and see yourself in 5 different areas, such as speed, memory, logic, mathematics and visual. Each game has three difficulty levels that will allow you to move from easy to hard, when you're ready. This intense and exciting game is a combination of a funky, colorful look with cool animations and retro sound effects. With this total package you will have hours of playing, improving your skills!
Views: 131265
Popularity: 23738
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