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Added: 05-27-2011
Votes: 165
Test your skills in the puzzle! Solve the problem and kill monsters. You have not seen it yet- tasks to chack logic and step-fighting in one game! Having reached the end - become a real warrior!

Mix of logic and step-fighting in one game! A game where the main hero will travel by solving a set of puzzles. Clover world is the so-called through which your way will go. The enemies led by Death Lord enslaved this beautiful world, but the aboriginals have a legend that one day there will be a hero, who will produce magical stones,and will be able to release the wonderful world of Clover with them. Of course, magic stones are not hidden under a nearby stump, you have to work hard to get them out of their hidden places in different parts of the world. It is difficult to determine the genre of the game: it's a puzzle, and, partly PRG as it is classified by a developer. Having reached the end - become a real warrior!
Views: 115 658
Popularity: 28 904
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Added: 05-26-2011
Votes: 163
That's a colorful variation of famous Bomberman. The game introduced a new element: the sudden appearance of the wind that can blow you and your bombs! As well as bosses, who are evil and insidious. But you can undermine them, can't you?
Views: 75 357
Popularity: 24 794
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Added: 05-26-2011
Votes: 205
Make a decisive step and dive into the ocean filled with danger! Let us introduce the new hero of the game named Danny Dandzher!
Every day Danny should dive into the ocean to earn cash. Avoid or destroy the deadly dangers of mines, electric eels and sharks -killers! Use cash to equip your character with spears, bombs and oxygen super energy.
Views: 87 726
Popularity: 21 798
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Added: 05-25-2011
Votes: 338
The situation could not be worse - your twin brother became your enemy ... Terrible times came for King Galamara and the dark clouds of war and bllod hatred have covered the Kingdom of Thorin.. Mother's twin brother Galamara - Valadorn - went to war against his brother in order to seize power in the kingdom.

It is doubly difficult for the king to wage a war against a close relative, but it should save and preserve the kingdom. Valadorn has thoroughly prepared for the war: evil wizards, giant spiders and the soldiers make the strongest Red legion. In this epic confrontation between good and evil you will need skills of strategy and planning, and nerves of steel. Create your invincible army and preserve its dominance and power!
Views: 204 070
Popularity: 35 380
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Added: 05-25-2011
Votes: 226
Moron Detector 2 is a new puzzle game for your mobile phones.
If, for some mysterious reason, you have missed the first part of Moron Detector, you'll be glad to see an improved version of the game.

You will have to confront the evil album for drawing (in the first part it was a school blackboard).
Evil album will try to cheat you at every step with all possible ways. The questions become more complicated, more annoying and more funny in Moron Detector 2. Sometimes you want to throw the phone against the wall, but can not because of laughter! Try to answer all questions as quickly as possible to achieve the best time, but be careful not to become the fastest half-witted person. Do the tasks correctly!

If you finish Moron Detector 2, you can prove that you are not mentally deficient, but we can not guarantee that you are a true genius at this. There is no limit for laughing so play Moron Detector 2 and solve funny tasks accompanied by beautiful graphics and animation!
Views: 135 313
Popularity: 27 018
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Added: 05-24-2011
Votes: 1323
The Adventures of a fun bouncing ball in the new game for mobile phones. Your goal is to collect the same balls scattered throughout the level with the help of a controlled ball.
Views: 548 247
Popularity: 238 776
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Added: 05-24-2011
Votes: 211
The Sultan is sad: the vizier have stolen all his wives! Help Sultan to get them back - he can no longer be at such a long abstinence! You have to overcome six original levels and release the kidnapped beauties in this adventure. Run and jump across the huge pit, rush through the doors to the traps, looking for the leverage that unblocks the door, blocking your path. The elixir of Life will help you in this difficult test! Your results are saved at each level - you have the ability to replay it again and improve.

Prince Of Persia: Harem Adventures game features:
  • Excellent animation of the characters
  • Simple and addictive gameplay
  • 7 original levels from the classic version of the game
Views: 195 622
Popularity: 34 486
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Added: 05-23-2011
Votes: 300
It's the most non-standard game from Disney. You should rotate the phone in different directions while playing. Pleasant management, hilarious gameplay and 10 mini-games with their own angle!
Views: 232 339
Popularity: 79 069
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Added: 05-22-2011
Votes: 113
Namco Arcade Golf offers a revolutionary approach to mini golf on your mobile phone combining all the entertainments of golf and the good old arcade games from Namco. Also in the game there are various obstacles, jumps, shock absorbers. Unlike other mini-golf, there is not only your accuracy is important, but a more important thing is how well you play bonus mini-games PAC-MAN, DIG DUG, and GALAXIAN.
Add. Information: already only because of the atmosphere of mini-games of dandy times it's worth playing this game!) and that is what golf fans love!
Views: 62 871
Popularity: 20 618
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Added: 05-21-2011
Votes: 141
35 crazy mazes of a magical and funny world that exists due to music wait for the hero, who is searching for stolen music notes and his kidnapped friend. An incomparable gameplay, stunning graphics and the coolest music will guarantee that you will never forget the days spent in this game.
Views: 67 509
Popularity: 16 722
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