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Added: 01-17-2012
Votes: 399

A continuation of Midnight Pool from Gameloft. New tournaments of this popular kind of sports. In the new part of the game you will see a lot of new things:

  • The best issue of a multi-million line for billiards of mobile phones!
  • Various modes; from the American 8-balls to the intense competition.
  • The sophisticated career mode with events that improve your playing skills
  • Compete with eight characters, each with his own playing style and features
  • Visit 7 places of interest in Las Vegas; a biker bar, a room in a penthouse, etc.
  • Play with a friend on the same phone in a 2 player mode
Views: 274706
Popularity: 62229
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Added: 01-16-2012
Votes: 216

Working days of Russian electricians in the game Gimme Light.
You have been assigned the responsible task to organize an illumination! But the trouble is that a pile of wires, bulbs and some batteries, issued at your disposal, have been clogged in the most incredible way. Be smart and connect them so that all the lights lit up. Each new level doesn’t resemble the previous one, so get ready to train your brains. And don’t be afraid of spare parts, as they will not disorientate a real electrician.
The game will settle in your mobile phoneу for a long time, as it has about 1000 levels!

Views: 62352
Popularity: 10856
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Added: 01-16-2012
Votes: 278
...Look in the sky. There, behind a thin ozone layer, behind the clouds of satellites and debris, behind the ring of asteroids, beyond the orbit of Pluto and beyond time… There are stars. There is a Depth. The Depth of the space.
You begin your career as a free space trader with quite an innocent aim to create your own monopoly. Moving from one planet to another you buy all sorts of things cheap and sell at a high price. Do not forget about the replenishment of your military arsenal, because cosmos is swarming with pirates!
Views: 8738
Popularity: 387
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Added: 01-15-2012
Votes: 208
Have you ever tried to pacify a crying baby? And what about two of them? And three…?
Everything you need is at your fingertips. Be daring, you, caring dads!
Views: 33633
Popularity: 2752
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Added: 01-14-2012
Votes: 287
The ancient evil attacked Morrowind. Pseudo god Sot Seal raises an army of corps creatures. Bloody Moon appeared in the sky. Ghostly gates were destroyed and monsters broke into the cities. The great battle between good and evil that will decide the fate of the world began. Only a hero can defeat Sot Seal, only the hero can drive the forces of evil from Morrowind ... Only the hero can make a bloody moon disappear... Become the hero, defeat enemy’s troops, collect the most precious artifacts, master the secrets of magical art and dispense justice over evil!

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Mobile features:
  • Precious artifacts, scrolls and armor
  • Almost all the graphics was copied from the original game
  • A new plot, which differs from the original game
  • You will meet Caius Cosades, Vivec, Orgal Eriol, Edwina Albert, and some others
  • Lots of corps creatures and monsters; destroy them and upgrade yourself and your skills
  • Caves, tombs and palaces
  • And an original music, taken from Morrowind in addition!
Views: 71391
Popularity: 10101
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Added: 01-14-2012
Votes: 151
Playman continues his training and taking part in all-over competitions. Now he has to win steeplechase competitions, 100 m running, javelin throwing and discus throwing. Practice, improve the results and do not forget about healthy way of life out of your mobile game!
Views: 52443
Popularity: 6451
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Added: 01-13-2012
Votes: 182
This is one of the best chess games for mobile phones. The game has a lot of settings at option. Artificial intellect is undoubtedly more powerful than in the game Chessmaster!
Views: 101248
Popularity: 21832
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Added: 01-13-2012
Votes: 113
Welcome to the Caribbean, where the mighty pirates reign and plunder the sailing-by vessels.
In this game, crazy pirates and you must destroy the monsters on the shore with the cannonballs.
Use your limited supply of cannon balls and kill the monsters.
Views: 23403
Popularity: 2356
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Added: 01-12-2012
Votes: 175
You will play as a night club manager assistant. Develop your business, learn how to communicate with clients, how to organize your staff and also how to earn money! Enlarge your night club, buy new and large premises and build your empire of disco clubs!
Views: 98521
Popularity: 20511
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Added: 01-12-2012
Votes: 918

Take part in the most furious conflicts of the Cold War in this thrilling shooter. Enjoy a swift adrenaline action and stunning graphics during 9 chapters. Visit lots of locations all over the world- from Vietnam and Saigon to Afghanistan mountains. Play for two commandos and deal shortly with your enemies with the help of a large arsenal of spectacular weapons, such as a grenade launcher or a flamethrower. Experience a large amount of new feelings from various gameplay situations, such as air strikes from helicopter, stealth missions, and even underwater levels.

Game features:

  • Plunge into the most horrible conflicts of the Cold War
  • Complete 9 chapters, that will lead you through various places from Vietnamese rice fields to the sea depths
  • Enjoy the variational gameplay: fire from behind the shelter, stealth murders and air strikes from helicopter
  • Use a large arsenal of spectacular weapons such as grenade launcher or flame thrower
  • Play for two different characters and fight as a member of a commando unit.
Views: 163618
Popularity: 52830
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