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The game is created on the base of the film of the same name. To be precise, the second film where Tom Cruise acted. The girl on TV says that we were attacked. Our planet is under threat of Martians! Do you know what is the most interesting in the game? You play as Martians, i.e. you are the biggest machine that moves, crashes all and sundry, explodes houses, buses, cars, hooks the flying-by helicopters with tentacles and makes fun of the futile efforts of poor earthmen…In general you just go, bomb everything, earn points and go to the next levels. In the film Martians did not succeed, terrestrial microbe bit them to death. We’ll see if you succeed in the game.

Views: 52 224
Popularity: 3 649
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I continue sharing the games for mobile phones for free and the next comes java game that is worthy to play. This is a game Field of Wonders (Pole Chudes)

Capital-show «Fields of Wonders (Pole chudes)» went on the air on the 25th of October, 1990 and since then it is one of the most favourite shows of the whole country.


And now you can take part in it, even not going out of your home! As «Field of Wonders (Pole chudes)» will be at your mobile phone!


«Fields of Wonders (Pole chudes)» java-game features:

  • 2 virtual opponents in each round
  • Special sectors of the drum
  • «2 boxes » and «A Prize»
  • A TV show atmosphere
Views: 198 819
Popularity: 61 710
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Votes: 142

It is interesting to play everywhere, even in subway, holding the telephone on your knees; the control is stable, the viewing angle seems decent enough for a mobile screen. You can see everything, but, of course, not so good as it could be on a TV screen; but you can not demand the impossible of a mobile game – e.g. make a bigger viewing angle in Bionicle Recers. Bionicle Recers has 15 tracks; one can not say that each of them is unique; you can count the types of environments on the fingers of one hand, but at least they are beautiful.

Views: 143 171
Popularity: 12 468
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Votes: 274

Welcome to Vasnetsovs’ apartment, where something happens all the time. There is no time to get bored, when such fidgets as Pugovka, Masha, Dasha and Zhenya live in the house. And Galina Sergeyevna watches the mischief of her sisters wisely and philosophically, though she sometimes can not keep herself from playing pranks for a while. How can one get to these fidgets? Very easily! You have to download the java-game Daddy’s Daughters from our site for free.


The game consists of five parts. In each part you will have the entertaining and exciting adventures, playing for each of the five sisters, stars of the popular series. You will also meet the head of Vasnetsovs family. Charming Oksana will help the girls to pass the probations, and the grannies will sometimes be the probation themselves. But you will surely succeed in that, as the tests are so funny, that you will really enjoy the passing of the quests in the game!


Help the heroes of the serial of the same name in their bustle everyday life. As the game proceeds, you will be accompanied with the known mp3 music from the serial, and funny comments the characters will make you smile more than once.

Daddy’s Daughters game features: 

  • 5 parts with characteristic tasks for each character
  • great graphics
  • music from the series, the game is based on
  • an interesting gameplay
Views: 155 007
Popularity: 43 968
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Votes: 97

This is not just a game, but a real dynamite, that will blow up your notion about java-games. A ruthless cleaner from drugs squad will show up and live in your mobile phone. Java game


AntiDrug – is a dynamic action, a total massacre.


Quick Dynamite will crash everything on his way; criminals’ heads fly away everywhere the invincible Dynamite goes. Play as that legendary hero and get a sea of adrenaline.


AntiDrug game features: 

  • exciting action
  • the main character – is the legendary hero Dynamite
  • a good choice of weapons
  • dynamic gameplay
Views: 47 501
Popularity: 6 305
Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
Votes: 161

The game is a mini-version of its PC counterpart, an arcade-game, but it resembles puzzle more. We begin playing with Toa Hali, and while playing the game you open 4 more Toas. You will have only crabs as enemies

Views: 107 864
Popularity: 10 116
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Votes: 138

This is a full-fledged simulator of your pet! You may clean its hair, take it for a walk, feed with tasty bones, and teach new tricks. And remember, that while walking the dog you will have to clean up after it, otherwise it may fall seriously ill!

Views: 90 838
Popularity: 19 487
Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
Votes: 259

The very first part of mobile game “Cars” made after the Disney cartoon of the same name. Complete all the levels, take part in super racings and carry out tasks for inhabitants of Radiator Springs. A pleasant arcade game won’t leave you indifferent!

Views: 146 109
Popularity: 29 892
Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
Votes: 248

A great fighting game for mobile phones with good graphics and addictive gameplay.
You have to learn the art of real fight and go through numbers of missions full of deadly opponents on the way to the terrible Black Death, which seized power over the living World ...

True Fighting 3D game features:

  • 5 fighters (Werewolf, Vampire, Frankenstein, Demon, Death)
  • 3 game modes
  • Arcade
  • Arena
  • Multiplayer for Bluetooth 
Views: 153 643
Popularity: 34 089
Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
Votes: 83

A mystical puzzle is waiting for your intuition and ability to think. Solve about 100 of puzzles in four temples. Aim the laser rays on colored stones. Mirrors, prisms and other stuff will help you in solving brainteasers. Two modes of the game and a great number of levels will let you have a lovely time.


A popular ancient Greece legend says that if someone will be able to open the secret of the mysterious light in four veiled temples, the church will be able to gain access to Olympic qualification. A game in which players have to move a variety of objects to make the light go through to illuminate the church, after being reflected from other crystals. Crystals are multicoloured, only crystals of the same colour may give you a result. Players may set up different properties, different locations, and only the man full of wisdom can set a foot on the path of the Olympia.

Views: 54 731
Popularity: 10 110
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