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Genres: Action
Mobile game Antikiller - screenshots. Gameplay Antikiller
Mobile game Antikiller - screenshots. Gameplay Antikiller
Mobile game Antikiller - screenshots. Gameplay Antikiller
Mobile game Antikiller - screenshots. Gameplay Antikiller
Mobile game Antikiller - screenshots. Gameplay Antikiller
Mobile game Antikiller - screenshots. Gameplay Antikiller
Mobile game Antikiller - screenshots. Gameplay Antikiller
Mobile game Antikiller - screenshots. Gameplay Antikiller
Mobile game Antikiller - screenshots. Gameplay Antikiller

Game description: Antikiller

"ANTIKILLER MOBILE" game combines the latest authorial technology and a successful movie brand. The game creates a new genre of mobile games similar in style to the best-selling computer games "GTA 1" and "GTA 2," and today it has no analogues at the market of mobile entertainment. Major Korenev, a former criminal investigator, nicknamed Fox is released from prison and plans to start a new life. But when faced with incredible criminal lawlessness that reigned in the city, and the deaths of his friends, he decided to make an order by not always legal, but fair methods ... Depending on the mission, the player will need to either drive or walk around the city. During the game the user will act as the main character of the movie - Fox (Gosha Kutsenko), and in the roles of other characters: Barkas (the leader of organized crime), Kent (one of the bandits of Barkas), Metis (the charismatic bandit performing the orders of Shaman), Litvinov (commander of the SWAT), Ambal (chief anti-hero, complete bully and chaos creator). We could not resist the temptation to use one of the characters of the game in the final mission, namely Tamara - "a girl of easy virtue." Antikiller game features:
  • 25 video clips from the film, describing the current events;
  • Modern tech graphics engine (light and shadows, particle system, physics, high detalization of the objects);
  • 11 levels, repeating the surroundings and events of the film at maximum;
  • Controlling 6 characters from the movie, participation in the mass missions (wall to wall);
  • Original musical composition for each level, repeating the soundtrack of the film;
  • Real drive from vehicle controls in the game;
  • Possibility of breaking the cars in a realistic manner;
  • Lots of special effects: explosions, grenade pieces, bullet tracers, particle (blood sprays,soil, smoke, sparks, pieces of cars, tracks from the wheels). - Infighting, fighting with arm blanche and using several types of firearms and grenade are implemented;
  • Dynamic camera ("smart camera"): changes the height and increases the overview depending on the game situation;
  • realistic daylight with the shadows of the buildings and facilities. The shadows are thrown upon the hero, cars, etc.;
  • Technology of the relief reflection and lighting of the surfaces. For the first time in mobile 3D-games the technology of mirrors is implemented!
  • Game contains thousands of different types of the objects: trees, utility poles, electrical wires, buildings, cars on rails, cargo cranes, constructions, fences, containers, prison bunks, telephone booths, etc;
  • Game includes support for smartphones and mobile phones with touch screens;
  • Artificial intelligence: a virtual vision, hearing (the enemies pay attention to the shots, explosions, fights, collisions) and imitation of emotions (a fierce attack, calmness, escape, attempt to keep the optimal distance to the target taking into consideration the situation and arms). The enemies can throw the grenades back from them, jump back out of the zone of the explosion. The companions can protect the main character, follow him during the mission;
  • realistic physical engine: simulation of vehicle performance, a realistic response of the car to the wheel rotation, while driving at high speeds the air resistance is taken into account. Traffic curbs and pits have a physical impact on the behavior of the car. The weight of the cars is taken into account,as well as the height, strength of separate elements (for example, glass and the hood are damaged in accordance with the actual counterparts). The coefficient of friction in case of different surfaces (asphalt, dirt, grass, sand) is taken into consideration. Qualitative physical characteristics of collisions of the cars with each other and with other objects during the level are implemented.

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